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  1. kirstenmeows

    Eeeewww... Burning Man is buggy

    And this time they can't all be blamed on the drugs: Burning Man Is Infested With Tiny, Desert-Resistant Bugs
  2. kirstenmeows

    Ooooh.. DeadMau5 is selling his Ferrari!

    At least anything offered over $380,000.00 is going to the Humane Society... :) Deadmau5 selling his Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari for $380,000 | CP24.com
  3. kirstenmeows

    RIP James Gandolfini

    :( UPDATE 1-Actor James Gandolfini, star of 'The Sopranos,' dead in Italy | Reuters
  4. kirstenmeows

    Huh? Monkey Seen in Fancy Winter Coat at Ikea

    Shoppers at an Ikea in North York were surprised to discover a small monkey wondering about the store wearing a fancy winter coat Sunday. Bystander Bronwyn Page said she spotted the monkey outside, in the store’s upper parking lot. “I was in an elevator going down and there was a crowd of...
  5. kirstenmeows

    Today (May 17th) is BAd Luck's birthday...

    While I can't and I won't wish him a happy one during this extremely painful time, I will wish him all the best and let him know that he is much loved. Sending big hugs and sloppy kisses along with... For you and your Mom, and for you... And more hugs!! :)
  6. kirstenmeows

    RIP Clarence Clemons

    Goodnight sweet sax man, you will be missed, may you rest in peace. E Street Band sax player Clarence Clemons dies Nekesa Mumbi Moody, The Associated Press NEW YORK, N.Y. - Clarence Clemons, the larger-than-life saxophone player for the E Street Band who was one of the key...
  7. kirstenmeows

    Happy Birthday to BAd Luck!

    Happiest of Happy Birthdays to my future hubby, Mr BAd Luck! May nothing but the good kind of luck be yours from now on. :)
  8. kirstenmeows

    RIP Poly Styrene - One of the originals

    Poly Styrene, Punk Singer of X-Ray Spex, Is Dead at 53 MELENA RYZIK Her death was reported on her Web site, and confirmed by her manager. She had been treated for cancer at a hospice in East Sussex, near her home in St. Leonards-on-Sea, in the south of England. Ms. Said (pronounced...
  9. kirstenmeows

    FS: Leafs Tickets *face value*

    A friend of mine is selling his tickets for Monday, December 20th (7:00pm), Leafs vs. Thrashers. They're golds, $165.00 each. Tickets are for section 102, row 27, seats 9 and 10. He has to work that evening and can't use them. I will have them in my hot little hands on Monday, but if you...
  10. kirstenmeows

    Beaver on Beaver Causes Controversy

    giggle Vagina on beaver sculpture causes controversy The artist says she wasn't even thinking of vaginas when she painted this giant beaver. ​Is that a vagina on that beaver? At least 20 passersby on the Bemidji Sculpture Walk certainly thought so, and they called City Hall to...
  11. kirstenmeows

    Harper gets ripped by Cheech and Chong!

    Cheech & Chong's blunt advice for Harper: 'Wise up' on pot laws The Canadian Press MONTREAL — Cheech and Chong have got some pretty blunt advice for Prime Minister Stephen Harper when it comes to Canada's marijuana's laws. "Wise up, you douchebag," Cheech Marin says with some glee when...
  12. kirstenmeows

    Toronto Reference Library Has Bedbugs

    Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Finally, a decent excuse to put off studying. The Toronto Star has reported that the Reference Library has bed bugs. The pesky little parasites have been spotted in four parts of the building. Feeling itchy yet? The Reference Library has wall-to-wall...
  13. kirstenmeows

    Confirmed? Bert's gay!??!

    Can't wait to see the backlash from the 'morally' ridiculous.
  14. kirstenmeows

    Daniel Lanois seriously injured in a motorcyle accident

    This sucks... OTTAWA — Musician and producer Daniel Lanois suffered multiple injuries in Los Angeles last weekend, forcing him to call off a summer tour with his new group, Black Dub. His July 2 concert at the Montreal International Jazz Festival is among the concert cancellations. Tickets...
  15. kirstenmeows

    RIP Lena Horne

    You will be sorely missed. NEW YORK — Lena Horne, the enchanting jazz singer and actress who reviled the bigotry that allowed her to entertain white audiences but not socialize with them, slowing her rise to Broadway superstardom, died Sunday. She was 92. Horne died at New...
  16. kirstenmeows

    Free!!! Fireplace in a Box

    Hee! I keep looking Fireplace channel thread and meaning to dig out my 'Fireplace in a Box' dvd. It's a rather nice fireplace on one side, and if you flip over, it's an aquarium. Since I have both a fishtank and a fireplace, I don't need it. I've now located it, and am happy to hand it over...
  17. kirstenmeows

    Rip Haydain Neale

    The lead singer for the group Jacksoul passed away on Sunday night after a seven month battle with lung cancer. Haydain Neale was 39 when he died at Toronto's Mount Sinai hospital with family and friends by his side. The Juno Award winning group was set to release 'SOULmate' on Dec. 1st...
  18. kirstenmeows

    Stuff for sale!

    I am trying to clear out the closet from hell (so I can fit more stuff in it.. :)) and have a few things that someone else may actually use: Bread Maker - This has never been used. I have finally come to the conclusion that I will never get around to using it. It's an older Black and Decker...
  19. kirstenmeows

    Need help with motorcycle body repair!!

    My sort of roomie/neighbour rides a Kawasaki Vulcan. Today while at work (he sets up and tears down concert stages) his bike got knocked over by one of the band's trucks. They are heading back to the States after the show tonight, so he's hoping to get an idea of how much it will cost to...
  20. kirstenmeows

    Happy Birthday Nemesis!

    Happy birthday to a classy lady. Have great weekend (it deserves a whole weekend)!!!!!!!!!!