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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    Very beneficial to the environment to use this, and it's nice to share awareness on how it's used because it's kinda scary when you're not used to it.
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    Is mixcloud better than soundcloud for DJs?

    Is Mixcloud for mixes and Soundcloud for tracks?
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    severe back pain

    try yoga, acupuncture or go to a chiropractor
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    The "What Are You Reading?" Thread

    Topics of Conversation: A novel by Miranda Popkey
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    Looking for online job

    Hi, I've been working as a transcriber in a clinic and it's been hard traveling and going home at 11 in the evening. I was wondering if you can help me with some great sites where I can look for online transcription jobs that pay well and would allow me to work online and be able to take care...
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Funny pictures you have here! Takes away some of my stress!
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    Weinstein Rapes

    It just goes to show that even the ones at the highest always have room down there. So degrading for the women who didn't speak up for a long time. Rape and assault are two things that greatly affect a person's self-esteem and her whole life.
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    ISO Certified Company - Question

    Hi. Have you tried checking online? You can see a couple of vendors there and perhaps you can compare which one suits you best. Happy hunting!
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    Shit just got mad real in Turkey (NSFW - graphic video)

    Prayers for these people who start war. :(
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    Politics Nobody Cares

    Haven't watched and read anything about politics recently. They always say bad things about someone. Why don't they just do their work?
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    Here at work, we are wearing 511 boots. Pretty good for any type of weather, though.
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    looking for a software

    Yeah, you are right. The reason why I posted a thread here is to get some suggestions from you. Anyway, I figured it out- I typed document management on google search and I found this link Document Control Software Systems for Compliance - EtQ. i just hope I am on the right track. Thanks for...
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    Cashew Milk

    Well, in my brother's farm, they used to cook this either grilled or fried. Actually, I visited the farm once but no cashew seeds were available that time.
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    looking for a software

    Our organization mainly works on websites, blogs, articles, and newsletters. Last year, we had an issue about system integration and editing but good thing we’re able to patch things out. However, my boss still asked me look for a document management to help us control and manage our task in...
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    Personal Loan

    Okay. I'll see about that. Do you know if if loan applications are easier to get approved in credit unions than in banks? I found this credit union which has great rates.
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    Personal Loan

    Hi. Sorry to have posted here but you moms like me might help. I'm looking for a good company who can give me a loan with low interest rates. You see, my home is due for repair and I used my savings for the repair for some unexpected expenses. I hope you can help me. Thanks!
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    Juicers! Anyone here into Juicing? (no not steroids)

    I want to share with you the site where I got my recipes! They're all good!
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    Cashew Milk

    It must be good! It's sad I wasn't able to get a taste of it. I love cashews!
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    Women wear bikinis to support mom mocked for stretch mark

    that is so effing rude, maybe those people do not know what moms go through during pregnancy. if they would do that to me, I would definitely give them a lecture. I would wear a bikini to :)
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    The Mom Thread

    read on these and it might help you with your problem teaching your kids to sleep in later and http://www.parenting-ed.org/handouts/early%20risers.pdf