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    What's Footwork's Website?

    anybody know bout guestlist?
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    CRAZYDAZE @ IV Lounge - Thanksgiving Monday

    gonna support one of my fave gdays - SARAH MIXINGTON - her rockin set starts at 3 pm! I will NOT be corrupted this weekend...I've got a plan and I'm stickin to it: tofurkey/9/disco nap/crazydaze...WOOHOO! ps. and maybe some crazy robot moves...CAN'T WAIT TO BREAK IT DOWN!!! whatdaya...
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    FS: Ikea Couch, A-V Entertainment Unit and NEW Color Printer

    Ikea Couch: - 82 inches long x 36 wide x 28.5 deep - white fabric with thin blue stripes - excellent condition, very clean - $250.00 A/V Entertainment Unit - 48 inches long x 19.25 wide x 47.5 deep - dark walnut colour - excellent condition, very sturdy - $150.00 Lexmark...
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    LF: retro-y double metal bedframe with headboard and footboard

    the more worn-looking the better! please pm me if you've got 1 for sale or know of where i can buy one...thanks :)