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    Hali at the Box of Kittens openair at Griessmühle Berlin - May 3 2014 [Deep House/Deep Techno]

    Hali at Box of Kittens openair at Griessmuehle Berlin - May 3, 2014 by Hali | Mixcloud Tracklisting forthcoming...
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    Hali at R19 in Berlin on Valentine's Day 2014 - [Deep Underground House/Techno]

    Hali at R19 in Berlin on Valentine's Day 2014 by Hali | Mixcloud Playlist forthcoming.
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    Hali at the Box of Kittens Dayfactory in Berlin [Deep Techno/Dub Techno]

    Here's my set from our Dayfactory party this past Sunday: LISTEN: Hali at the Box of Kittens DAYFACTORY in Berlin - Sept 15, 2013 by Hali | Mixcloud DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/hali_dayfactory Playlist to follow.
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    Hali at Mansion 4 Year Warehouse Jam - May 31, 2013 [Deep House/Deep Techno]

    My set as I set the stage for Ame to do a live pa at the Mansion 4 Year Warehouse Party at 99 Sudbury last week. This is currently my number one favourited and listened to set on Mixcloud. People seem to like this one! Enjoy! Playlist: Berlin is Killing Me - Act Natural (Yapacc and...
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    FS: Leica D-Lux 5 camera in original box and receipt - $550 CDN / 425€

    I'm selling my favourite Leica D-Lux 5 camera. Lens and LCD Panel are in mint condition. The body is perfect, with just slight natural wear under one side strapclip. Camera is well-loved and has always been housed in a protective case. Comes in original box with receipt. Still under it's...
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    Hali - Cold Tea premiere reboot on Netmusique - Deep House and Deep Techno

    Hali - Cold Tea premiere reboot with Hali - November 22, 2012 live on Netmusique | Mixcloud Playlist Machine Soul By Dewalta Into A Deep (Hot Toddy remix) By Alain Ho We Move (808 version) By Freaks & Stella Attar Obsessed (original mix) By Function NY Dreamer (Alix Alvarez remix) By...
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    Kim Dotcom raid footage emerges

    VIDEO: What really happened in the Dotcom raid? - Campbell Live - Video - 3 News
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    Hali - Fresh Air for Fresh People [live in Berlin]

    http://soundcloud.com/hali/hali-live-at-fresh-air-for http://soundcloud.com/hali/hali-fresh-air-for-fresh-people_part-ii From my first gig in Berlin. Recorded May 13, 2012 at Crack Bellmer
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    Dixon anyone?

    How was Mr. Innervisions? I want to hear.
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    Higgs Boson probably found!

    Just announced. Here's the live netcast direct from CERN. CERN Webcast | Latest update in the search for the Higgs boson
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    Hali the Podcast!

    Subscribe and feed your ears. iTunes - Podcasts - Cold Tea by Hali
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    FS: Pimped-out Macbook Pro 2.33Ghz for sale - Model MA610LL

    Pimped-out Macbook Pro 2.33Ghz for sale - Model MA610LL - 15.4 inch glossy screen, 1440 x 900 resolution - 2.33 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo - UPGRADED: 4GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM (Fully maxed-out with Apple spec memory) - UPGRADED: 160GB Intel X-25 Rev2 SSD Hard Drive (World's Fastest SSD Laptop...
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    Art Dept, MARC ROMBOY and Hali live from Footwork 02/27/10 [techhouse]

    Here's the 320kbps recording from this past Saturday night from Footwork featuring Art Dept (Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow, Marc Romboy and yours truly. Great times! DOWNLOAD: http://www.netmusique.com/podcast/art_dept-marc_romboy-hali_022710.mp3
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    Hali and Nick Holder - LIVE from Toi Bar [deep house/deep tech house]

    Nick Holder and I went back-to-back this past Friday at Toi Bar, playing together for the very first time. It turned into a great jam. I played for the first 1.5 hours then Nick for 30 minutes. Then we go 1x1 back to back, throwing each other a couple curveballs along the way. Nick had a...
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    Hali and James Teej with Terence Kissner - LIVE from Footwork [tech house/min.tech]

    Here is a pretty ridiculous recording of my 4x2 back-to-back session with James Teej this past Saturday at Footwork followed up by Terence Kissner after about an hour and 45 minutes. Terence starts about 10-15 minutes after the silence minute. (The soundcard got unplugged while Terence was...
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    Hali - Herbstradio 99.1FM BERLIN [deep tech haus musik]

    Hey hey y'all, Here's my exclusive mix from an all-Canadian showcase that was played this past Saturday on Berlin's Herbstradio 99.1. It was great exposure for alot of the amazing homegrown talent that we have here and I was honoured to be asked to participate. PLAYLIST: Foremost Poets -...
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    DJ Sneak and Hali live at Toi Bar [house music all night long]

    Here's the audio from last night's killa jam. Thanks so much to all those that braved the cold and made it out and it into the success that it was. Fun times and we still had people still going strong past 7am at the after. A playlist is not possible because everything was done live and in...
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    Hali - xxxmess 2009 [big housey techno]

    This was a very limited mixcd that I gave away at the Box of Kittens festivus party we did a couple weeks ago. Share and enjoy. DOWNLOAD: http://www.netmusique.com/podcast/hali-xxxmess_2009.mp3 Playlist forthcoming... Hope everyone has a happy and merry December!
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    Hali and Lee Osborne - Blacked Out [deep muthafuckin techno]

    DOWNLOAD: http://www.netmusique.com/podcast/Hali_and_Lee_Osborne-Blacked_Out.mp3 May 2, 2009 - Hali and Lee Osborne play an intense back to back Techhouse and Techno set at Milkrun 10 until the power cuts out. (NOTE: also appearing again back-to-back this Friday at TOI)
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    HELP! LOST iPhone in black hardcase at Circa for Danny T. $200 reward if found

    I hope the internet gods can help me locate my lost 2G iPhone in a black hardcase. I'm offering a $200 reward for it's safe return. Please contact me at hali (at) netmusique dot com It had this photo on the front dock.