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    Terry's Cafe 6

    Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Terry's Cafe 6 01. Ciudad Feliz - Life is so amazing 02. Beat Loaf - U too 03. Eddie Richards - Someday 04. Reset - An afternoon with Steve Edwards 05. Alex J - Everything Is Beautiful 06. Soldiers Of Twilight - Believe (Fred Everything Vocal Dub) 07. Dualists -...
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    New, GOOD progressive

    Now THIS is good prog/trance, whatever you wanna call it. Sasha played this at Kool Haus. Melodic as fuck! The transitions/changes in this track is what makes it. Beautiful! Atlas - Compass Error (Tarrantella:Redanka Remake)[Plastica/RIP] Any other good stuff out there? Seems like I've...
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    Oliver Lieb

    Nov 9 - Guv Anyone? Zee German iz coming!
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    Cheap Airfare?

    Anyone know of some online sites that sell CHEAP airline tickets?
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    Mac Users! Help! Re: ASIO Driver

    Problem: I've got a new G4 + Logic 5 + Audiophile 2496 soundcard, and for some weird reason logic does not recognize the asio driver. I've done all the steps correctly, placed it in the asio folder in logic etc. I decided to take it to a Mac service place and see if they could fix it. Well...
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    Vince Watson

    I just picked this guys new album "Moments in Time" on Alola. I must say every single track on this is QUALITY. Beautiful lush (copyright nesta) grooving progressive house with trippy elements and lots of texture. Exactly the kind of stuff that I love. Keep an eye out for this guy if you haven't...
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    2002 Muzik Magazine Dance Awards

    The full list of Award winners looks like this: Best DJ Sponsored by News Of The World Carl Cox Best Club FabricLive @ Fabric, London Best Event Big Beach Boutique II, Brighton Best Single X-Press 2 Featuring David Byrne ‘Lazy’ (Skint) Best Album Sponsored by...
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    Another touching message from DT

    Ladies & gentlemen, I am writing this post to you today for many reasons. One being I know that most of you that read here have hearts of gold and are very sincere and genuine people. Here's my post..... Last week was a very special week for my entire family. Especially my Mom & Dad and...
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    Poker Flat World Tour

    Steve Bug, Tiga, Martini Bros. Orange Room Sunday Oct 13 I'll most definetly be there front row and center
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    Ha! Sean Cusick has his own column now!

    On Xpander.nl http://www.xpander.nl/xpndr/column_main.cfm?owner=Sean%20Cusick Prepare for some great reads. So far he's off to a roaring start, hahaha.
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    Remember, vote for your Top 5 DJs!

    To vote go here: http://www.djmag.com/pages/top_100.cgi Promoters all over the world look at this DJ Mag chart specifically and book DJs accordingly so its important to have your say in this chart. I'd say its more important to vote for lesser known DJs to get them up on the chart rather...
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    Top 5 Charts

    1. Brett Johnson - Sweet & Sour Sessions EP [Hi Phen] This is the type of record that makes you feel like you're on some serious drugs! Brilliant abstract music out of Belgium that still maintains a strange bouncy groove. Sounds like something Craig Richards (The Don) would play. All four...
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    Some people are SO lucky

    So I'm at work today (recording studio) and I'm with a new intern girl. Its her first day, she's 17, and she kind of looks like Aalyiah. There also happens to be a certain famous R & B producer Rodney Jerkins in doing a session. It was so funny as soon as Rodney and his entourage step in they're...
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    Best stoner foods

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch w/ Chocolate Milk MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm what others?
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    Cafe 668

    Anyone else ever been to this place? Me and Slingshot are regular patrons of this fine establishment. I'm not a vegetarian but everything on their veggie menu is SO good and SO flavourful. Check it out - its on Dundas just a little east of Bathurst. Vietnamese cuisine at its finest!
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    The "post like you're disco stu" Thread

    I just woke up and am now having coffee. Whoops, I just dropped my pen. I think I'm gonna check out the classifieds today.
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    Bite this nail biters!

    Any chronic nail biters out there? Anyone break the habit and have suggestions? I've been trying desperately to quit cause for the longest time I've been too embarassed to get a manicure :D
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    Time to light up those personal blunts...

    Craig Richards is on Groovetech today at 5pm - 7pm EST http://www.groovetech.com/PhoenixData/SilverStream/Objectstore/Sounds/gtradio-london.ram
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    Whats wrong with Black and Blue?

    Why is it people seem to think that you can't wear these two colours together? I think they're fine. Not necessarily the best colour combo but still wearable. People who point out that I shouldn't be wearing these two colours together should be shot in the foot.
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    A starstruck DT

    http://www.kcbd.com/Global/story.asp?S=784023&nav=3w717nk58zjq92oD Click on the part 3 interview with Danny Tenaglia. Really good!