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    happy bday fernie bederko

    happy bday, bday brother!
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    best downtown dim sum

    Pearl is decent. But for the 'best' Downtown Dim Sum, Lai Wah Heen trumps it large.
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    WTF of the day: Hardwell Interviews New Yorkers About EDM

    That was totally awkward. And while we're on the topic, I saw this recently which is probably the funniest newspaper headline i've ever seen. For those that can't read German, it says "The richest Dj in the world can't find a woman..". Aww.. poor Tiesto. These EDM wankers live in a bubble...
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    Luke Slater on Second Life

    Apparently at the end of the night, there was a hole in the roof, or perhaps it was on fire. Not sure which. Oh, and also BOK bought a round of drinks for the entire club! But this is just hearsay. )
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    Hali at the Box of Kittens openair at Griessmühle Berlin - May 3 2014 [Deep House/Deep Techno]

    Hali at Box of Kittens openair at Griessmuehle Berlin - May 3, 2014 by Hali | Mixcloud Tracklisting forthcoming...
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    Harvey at Foundry

    Do people on tribe party anymore? ;-)
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    Where in the world is Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

    Did Malaysian Airlines 370 disappear using SIA68/SQ68 (another 777)?
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    help finding Original Adidas Chile 62 Tracksuit Top Jacket/Bottom

    There's some jackets in germany. No bottoms though. Adidas Chile 62 in Pankow Berlin | Herrenmode. Kleidung gebraucht kaufen | eBay Kleinanzeigen
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    Facebook buys WhatsApp

    Alot of germans and music industry peeps that I know have switched to Telegram. I have as well. https://telegram.org
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    Hali at R19 in Berlin on Valentine's Day 2014 - [Deep Underground House/Techno]

    Hali at R19 in Berlin on Valentine's Day 2014 by Hali | Mixcloud Playlist forthcoming.
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    Tell your best Berghain story

    Here's an interview for a travel blog I did which gives some tips on how to get into clubs in Berlin. Wax Museum | Travel, Photography & Music | My City: Berlin, Germany with Hali
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    Tell your best Berghain story

    Actually, not really true, although, guestlist gets you line bypass which also bypasses the door selection, so it's always great to get on if you can. I've actually only been denied twice and that was back in 2012. And both times I was stupid and was with big, loud, groups. Since I've...
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    15 dead from stampede at Love Parade

    From everything I heard, it was actually the police that was directing all the traffic under that underpass that caused this.
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    Hali at the Box of Kittens Dayfactory in Berlin [Deep Techno/Dub Techno]

    Vedomir - Musical suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix) La Fleur - Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Drama Mix) Santiago Garcia feat. Amber Long - Stunning (MUUI Remix) Timmo - The Abyss Safeword - Elephants Loco Dice - Carthago (Original Mix) ThermalBear - Make Rekkids (Original Mix) Technasia - I Am...
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    Hali at the Box of Kittens Dayfactory in Berlin [Deep Techno/Dub Techno]

    Here's my set from our Dayfactory party this past Sunday: LISTEN: Hali at the Box of Kittens DAYFACTORY in Berlin - Sept 15, 2013 by Hali | Mixcloud DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/hali_dayfactory Playlist to follow.
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    Robert Babicz @ Footwork

    Max Cooper was featured on a recent edition of my radioshow and it certainly doesn't sound like boring percussive loops. Shame it wasn't as good of an experience for you, Dig This. Cold Tea with Hali and special guest Max Cooper [Fields/Traum/UK] - July 25, 2013 by Hali | Mixcloud
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    Nick Holder is a national treasure

    Definitely. I should share this amazing back-to-back with Nick. This was back in 2010 when he just broke the SA market and he was bewildered at what was happening there. Playing for parties of 6,000 people going nuts. Apparently even when he arrived at Customs in Cape Town, the agent looked at...
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    Random Texts from Unknown #s

    I heard about something on old iPhones. Apple iPhone Virus Spreads By SMS Messages
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    Âme @ 99 Sudbury, aka Shortest Party Ever

    is it totally inappropriate to post my set from this sweet but short party? http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/dj-mixes/168390-hali-mansion-4-year-warehouse-jam-may-31-2013-deep-house-deep-techno.html
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    NEW Daft Punk Album

    If you have 2+ hours to spare (or even break it up in like 30min sessions) this is the BEST Daft Punk album review ever. I nearly died watching this. Limmy 188 - " RAM Live Review. " 13/05/13 on Vimeo (starts at 6m15s btw)