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    wooohooo!! congrats to gerald and michelle!!!

    baby Thanks Guys! Just sitting here with Kaiden (pronounced kay-den) - it's an Irish name that has a variety of meanings from 'soft & gentle', 'handsome', and an old Celtic version meaning 'warrior's heart'. Here's the official stats: Kaiden Peter Sabbadin was born October 20, 2005 @...
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    Tresor - after the wrecking ball...

    A few of you were just partying under the rubble a few weeks ago! here's a link to a few images including the one below: http://stype.packts.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=15&page=1
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    A Tribute to Acid House @ SYP

    finally getting to this.... thanks to everyone who participated in this event! Especially Arthur for breaking out all the gear! A fun night was had by all, and it was really exciting performance from Derrick and Arthur - we'll have to do that again. I know Derrick really enjoyed battling it...
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    Tech Support @ SYP Lounge

    there they are! ones and twos in the flesh.
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    Tech Support @ SYP Lounge

    great googly moogly! i stand corrected - i thought their dj'ing days were well over. damn and double damn. was he advertised on the flyer? if so, it went straight over my head!
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    Tech Support @ SYP Lounge

    i have a gut feeling it's not the same 'ones and twos' - i've bumped into Scott (Lazaruk) a few times over the past few years, but not Thomas (Robbs). Remember Ian... we're getting older, and Tech Support represents a vibrant new injection to the T.O. techno scene. i wanted to make it to...
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    An evening of... Chicago ACID vs. Detroit TECHNO

    yeah - this friday is gonna be badass!!! i got a preview of what Arthurs got up his sleeve for this night, and it's insane!!! He's setting up all his analog gear! He's basically setting up his entire studio in the basement of SYP - the sounds that were coming out of the speakers were NUTS...
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    Meat Beat Manifesto!

    They're coming to Toronto on June 23rd - and that's my b-day! woohoo!!! :D :D :D http://www.meatbeattour.com/
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    Detroit Line Up!!!!

    damn - the line-up looks really good this year, and i was considering not going for the first time! what am i gonna do!?! :confused:
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    Rhythm and sound

    you guys would've loved when Mettle brought the Basic Channel crew into Weave back in the late 90's. that's when they were still playing their techno stuff. don't remember what year exactly though. or catching the live performance at DEMF in 2000!! i missed the Mettle gig because i had to work...
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    Speedy J's in Detroit tonight...

    there's an Andrew Duke as well. ..and how about Bo & Luke! :)
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    new set from house pioneer

    i know he almost made it here a few years ago for - i can't remember the name of the - festival. he was advertised on the flyer, but something happened and he couldn't make it. wasn't there another attempt by the same promomter to bring him here just over a year ago to - the club on Dundas...
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    Cinematic techno

    how about Jeff Mills then.
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    Rhythm & Sound

    lookit what i found... ;) http://basicchannel.com/item/Tour2005
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    Rhythm & Sound

    I've always loved their dubby-tech sounds. I remember Nick Holder calling into my radio show a few years back and asking what i was playing. They really do appeal to a wide variety of people! also... heard a rumour that these guys might be coming to Toronto soon. I sure do hope so!
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    Sonar Festival: Barcelona, Spain - June 16-18 2005.

    it's still frikkin' amazing to see his name listed between Jeff Mills and Joris Voorn! Crazy!
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    Sonar Festival: Barcelona, Spain - June 16-18 2005.

    haha - Yes it is! Joe English is the founder/owner of Noise Factory Records. That's great to see, although i never would've guessed that Joe would be playing at Sonar in a million years.
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    hmmm... not familiar with the label, but i am familiar with Natcha Atlas, and judging from the label name you might want to check out Muslimgauze. They've got a down tempo electronic dubby/experimental/ambient sound, with arabic influences. i know there's a few more similar artists out there, i...
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    here's a pic Dan Lui took... did anyone else take any? i forgot the camera, and would like to have a few pictures for the scrapbook if possible! thanks! oh, and for all the trainspotters in the house... that's Mike Dunn's - Magic Feet (Djax) on the turntable.
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    thanks to all who came out made it such great event! we danced, we drank, we laughed... and Michele and I bought a house!! :eek: ...which made us late to setup at the club! ;) i hope everyone had a fabulous time like we did, and went home with a smile! It did look that way! :) Can't wait...