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    *30* Onboard Food & Beverage Managers needed

    Seeking adventure? Job summary One of the world's leading “5* luxury airlines” has experienced exceptional growth over the past 5 years and requires thirty (30) Onboard Food & Beverage Managers. Currently operating to dozens of global destinations (and expanding) our client’s goal is...
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    Junior Boys - Mod Club

    Who's going? Does anyone know their set time?
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    FS: Unique & funky overhead light

    This light is wild - bent metal in different directions and colourful bulbs make for a cool centrepiece. If you're interested PM me or email jtorin76@hotmail.com $40 OBO
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    LF: 2 Raptors tix against Suns

    Email me if you've got: jtorin76@hotmail.com Will pay double face up to $150
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    FS - 2003 Acura RSX Type S

    Time to get 4 doors ;) Selling my 2003 Acura RSX Type S - this car is fast, looks good and handles like a dream. Details: 2.0L, 4cyl, 200hp, 6 speed manual transmission. Cruise, Power windows/locks/moonroof, heated mirrors, heated leather seats, A/C, 4 airbags, BOSE sound system w/ 6...
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    FS: Microsoft Xbox console, 5 games, 2 controllers, live headset

    Microsoft Translucent Green Xbox Console + Included are the following games and accessories: Halo 2 Special Edition (metal case & Halo 2 DVD) Rallisport Challenge 2 Project Gotham Racing 2 EA MVP Baseball 2005 Mortal Kombat Deception 2 Microsoft XBox Translucent Green Controllers...
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    FS: RCA 19" Curve Screen CRT TV/VCR Combo w/ remote

    We've recently upgraded to an LCD TV and want to sell this. RCA 19" Curve Screen CRT TV/VCR Combo w/ remote, in perfect working order. Has wake up and sleep timer, mono audio and cable jack (includes 3' coaxial cable) and programmable (easy recording) VCR. Also has handle on top/back for...
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    Home Network Help

    We just moved to a new place and I'm trying to figure something out - any help would be appreciated! We have 2 PCs - 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs, as well as my xbox hooked up to live. I have my PC and xbox hard wired for a fast connection downstairs, from a router. Now I want to set...
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    FS: Danby Microwave

    My wife and I are moving next week to a condo with a built-in microwave in the kitchen, so we need to offload this. Located downtown - Church & Dundas Original unopened manual included. It is 0.7 cubic feet and approx 3 years old. $25 OBO! Please PM me if you're interested or email...
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    How do I get rid of the crap left by duct tape

    I pulled back some duct tape off the floors (super ghetto networking cables that is now wireless). Now I have all this sticky residue on the floor and I have nothing to get it up. Ideas? Yes, I tried pouring water on it.
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    Sugar it's your birthday, happy birthday Sugar!

    Allison, as your twin and lifelong buddy, I wanted to wish you a super happy May 12 and an incredible year ahead! So let's hear it for Allison! May we have many more bizarre experiences and superhappyfuntimesx100 Much love! Josh picture from a said bizarro night in 2002 :)...
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    Computers from the 80s

    I found this site just now - funny as hell - check out the old magazine ads they're hosting... http://www.binarydinosaurs.co.uk/Museum/Adverts/ Top 20 reasons for buying a Commodore VIC 20: 11. Full set of upper AND lowercase characters! Here's the computer that was featured in...
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    LF: Turntable (not for DJing, just playin' records)

    Not looking for any vintage table, just a good turntable I can use to play my records at home. My old one is dead. I'd be happy to pick up in the GTA. email jtorin76 @ hotmail . com
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    Happy Birthday Jen, Jennika it's your birthday!

    Happy birthday Jennyboo! All the love in the world and here's to the best year ever - California dreaming; getting hitched and laughin all the way. You're the bestest ! ! Love Josh I would have also given you some chocolate pizza if I could find the store. :)
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    FS: 19" ViewSonic PerfectFlat P95F+ CRT Monitor

    Upgrading to 19" LCD, so time to sell this monitor. My original receipt from January 2003 (I still have it because I'm superorganized n shit) says I paid $498 w/ tax. I'll sell for $200 firm and include a free web cam and microphone for your MSN'ing needs. (Neither will fit on my new LCD...
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    Wedding Music

    So I've been put in charge of figuring out what we're going to play at our wedding this August. There's two parts to the dilemna - what to play and how to play it. My initial thought was to put a playlist together on my iRiver and have someone take care of what to play and when. I don't...
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    6 week job opportunity starting ASAP!

    Our client is seeking a junior promotions rep to work on the road for 6 weeks, travelling all expense paid around Ontario, setting up a toy demonstration and then mingling with the kids who play with it. If you know anyone who would fit the profile of having an excellent outgoing attitude...
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    FS: PC & XBOX Games

    PC games for sale Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - $20 NHL 2004 - $10 XBox games for sale Spiderman2 - $40 Crimson Skies - $20 Or take everything for $80 email jtorin76@hot<nospam>mail.com
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    Any car wash places downtown?

    I don't care if its self wash or the auto dealy - anyone know a place around the Yonge corridor between Dundas/St. Clair areas?
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    I caught a ball at the Jays game today

    Holy shit, my hand is still throbbing - line drive off Vladimir Guerrero's bat, caught it one handed. Anyone for a game of catch? :)