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    Anyone have any MGMT tickets they want to sell me? Looking for 2!
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    WTB: U2 Tickets for September 16, 2009

    If anyone has any non 500 level U2 Tickets for the Wednesday night show that they want to sell, please message me!
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    Looking for a Good Home for Two Cats

    So two years ago I took two cats into my home that Michlerish had rescued. I was not a cat lover but I had plenty of space so I decided to give them a place to live. They ended up being awesome cats. Totally lovable and no problems at all. I have gotten along great with them. No problems...
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    Happy Birthday Spacebabe(77)

    Happy Birthday Ames! Best looking 30 year old I know! d
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    Happy Birthday Foxy Rae

    Happy Birthday Kelly! Hope its a good one for you. We'll do it up good this weekend. d
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    PUR Supper Club

    So I will be going to hear my favourite DJ named Darren (other than Emerson and myself of course). Should be fun times and a good pre drinking spot before y'all head out to the Tiga's and Steve Porter's. Pur is a nice spot as well.
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    Jacob London

    I will be out to see the Toronto DJing debut of Dave Hill. Will be my first time seeing Jacob London and combined with some b-day celebrations, it should be a cRAEzy night!
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    Happy Birthday P13r0

    Happy 30th Fez. Welcome to the old club.
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    Happy B-day Finary

    Yo K-turn Happy Birthday East coast y'all!
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    Happy Birthday Madwej

    Just so you don't feel left out buddy, here is your very own Birthday Thread. Happy Birthday to jew.
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    Switch @ Fw

    I heard about this yesterday and am I ever excited. I know its far away but I couldn't help it.
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    Death Cab For Cutie at Massey Hall

    Got there just as Ted Leo and the Pharmacists ended. I heard they were punkish and that I would have enjoyed them. Oh well. This was my second time at Massey Hall. Both times I have had obstructed view seats. The first time I was behind a poll. This time I had a tiny piece of rail in the way...
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    Darren Simms - The First Time Through [House]

    So I recorded this 3 weeks ago. I decided one day to buy some new records after I had taken the summer off. I recorded this when I got home. Older and newer tracks. I guess its house with some breaks. Hope you enjoy :) 70min Right Click, Save as Tracklisting: Jacques Bauer - Abandon...
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    Baseball Playoffs

    Well after 19 long years, I finally have more than a passing interest in the playoffs. GO KROGER, GO TIGERS!
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    Teaching the Musically Challenged

    Ok. So I am a music retard. In my 29 years the only thing musically I have done is spin records. Never touched an instrument (well, I had a friend who taught me the beginning to "Today" by the Smashing Pumpkins but I am pretty sure anybody with working fingers could be taught that) or really...
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    Bill Simmons

    Who here reads Bill Simmons regularly? I just finished reading his diary from last night's NBA draft and I was literally crying in my office. I think he has got to be one of the funniest sports writers out there. I do find he writes to the more advanced sports minded people by making a lot...
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    Room for Rent - Sept. 1

    So I am losing another roommate (I swear its not me or the place they just keep taking jobs in other provinces or continents) and need a new one for september 1. I live at Ossington and Bloor (Concord Ave) about a 2 minute walk to the subway. Its a duplex type house. We have the top two...
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    Darren Simms - Long Time Coming [House]

    So I finally have a mix to share with others (you guys can stop bugging me now :)). Its more of a fun mix with tracks from as far back as 1999. Hope you enjoy and thanks Mich for hosting it. Tracklisting 01. The Chemical Brothers feat K-OS - Get Yourself High (Extended Version) 02. Cassius -...
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    WMC 2006 - Miami

    Well I just got back and have slept only 2 hours since Friday. Two of the best performances I saw were DJ's Are Alive and Deekline and Wizard. Electro was fresh to me last year and over played this year. Anything fishnets were in for girls (nylons, shirts, arm thingys, etc) and mohawks...
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    Switch aka Dave Taylor

    Anyone know if he has a website? My google skills suck apparently cause I can only find little snippets about him. I am trying to find out if he is going to be in Miami this year as I would like to hear him spin.