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    Name that Triber

    Calling all old school tribers: So on sunday, I was eating at the Happy Hooker on dundas west (not sure I love the name) and a guy walked by on the sidewalk who used to be a Triber but I can't remember his tribe name for the life of me! He is tall and thin and has a shaggy mop of dirty blond...
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    FS: Contemporary/Modern Crystal Chandelier - $275

    I am selling this gently-used modern chandelier which was replaced because we redecorated the dining room. In great condition. Here is a link to an online retailer selling the exact same fixture: Contemporary Chandeliers UXPK118-7 This sophisticated and contemporary 7-light Crystal...
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    Having your tonsils removed as an adult

    who here has gotten their tonsils removed as an adult? i went to talk to an ENT doctor today and she says that i am a candidate for the surgery (based on the frequency of infection and the condition and size of my tonsils), but that it is up to me to decide. it was kinda funny actually, when...
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    FREE to a good home: 20'' Toshiba television

    hey tribers, i have a 20'' Toshiba TV, in good condition, that i have no use for anymore. it is not a flat screen, and uses a universal remote. nothing fancy, but it works fine! if you want it, please send me a PM or post here. thanks!
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    Office Administrator - CHRA

    OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR Job Posting January 20, 2010 The Canadian Housing & Renewal Association (CHRA) is a national networking agent for change. It is uniquely positioned in Canada to understand and communicate what is needed to develop and implement a coherent national approach to...
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    Anyone here go to the Extreme Fitness on Richmond St?

    i'm thinking of joining a gym this winter. i'm looking for a few things: -it has to have lots of good classes -it has to have good instructors -it has to be really close to home (this one is around the corner from my house) -i don't want to sign up for a full year, so they need to have some...
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    Okanagan wine region - anyone been?

    hey tribers, i am going to be making a trip to the okanagan valley this july with my boyfriend. we want to check out a bunch of wineries, relax, enjoy the nice weather, and eat some good food. can anyone recommend a nice place for us to stay? i can't even figure out what town we should...
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    Lunch with the boss - what would you talk about?

    so i have a one-on-one lunch date with the regional director general (my boss's boss's boss) on friday. i won it as part of a draw in my office. i kinda want to have a whole bunch of things to talk about, in case we don't really have any chemistry. she is a very bright woman, and has a lot of...
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    another clothing care thread

    hey ladies, i HATE handwashing clothes. so here is my lazy ass question: if the label tells me to wash it by hand, can i just get it dry cleaned instead?
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    Room for Rent: $510/month inclusive - Dundas/Ossington

    hi tribe, i am finally moving!! and my room is available for rent. i am flexible on move dates. anything from the middle of august to middle of september should be fine. the apartment comprises of the 2nd and 3rd floors of a house at dundas and ossington. my room is the largest, with a...
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    Raving for a month straight - a definite sign that Ukranians are hardcore

    so every year there is a month long rave set up somewhere in the Ukraine called The Republic of Kazantip. they have their own dictator, politicians, visas, priests (who will marry you), and basically anything you need to have a rave-state. also, an insane number of hot girls. its like south...
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    Roommate wanted for June 1st - $500/month - Dundas/Ossington

    hey all, i posted here a few months ago looking for a roommate. unfortunately that person has to move out, so we are once again looking for a 3rd roomie. i have been living in this apartment for about 4 years and it is such a great bargain. i would be sad to have to give it up! here are...
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    Xbox360 package for sale - exc. condition! - $375

    hey guys, i am posting this for a friend. I have a used xbox360 (bought in Sept.) for sale. Comes with 10 games: Forza 2 MotoGP '06 UEFA '07 Madden '07 WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 Tiger Woods 2007 Halo 3 Fight Night Round 3 NHL 08 Skate. Also has two controllers with rechargeable battery...
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    help me find this thread!

    hey tribe, remember a few years ago when a woman went missing for a few days after a night partying at Boa? she was seen leaving the club with some guy who she didn't know. i think she had a powerful father who was very concerned about her disappearance. i also seem to recall that she...
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    Gift Ideas for Dad's 60th Birthday

    so my old man is turning 60 next month, and i have no idea what to get him. he is one of those classically difficult people to shop for. he doesn't like "stuff" and is very practical. he's a bit contrarian and hates surprises. haha however, he likes to travel, read, play golf and cook. he...
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    Roommate wanted for March 1 - Dundas/Ossington - $500/mo

    Hey everyone, I live in a 3 bedroom apartment and one of my roommates has decided to move out on his own. So we are looking for a replacement for March 1st. You would be sharing the apartment with 2 female roommates, one works for the government, the other is an ESL teacher. The...
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    To All The People Who Complain About Spoilers in Threads

    it is so simple. if you have not watched the most recent episode of a show, do not open the thread that discusses that show. it will contain spoilers. do not act surprised when people discuss the plot of a show, in the thread that exists solely for the discussion of that show's plot...
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    anyone been to the Florida Keys before?

    my boyfriend and i are thinking of driving from miami to key largo on saturday to check it out. neither of us have ever been to the keys before. we're just trying to figure out if its worth it, and if we should stay the night or just drive back that evening. we've been researching online...
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    Congratulations Hi i'm God!

    god had a baby!! and his name was Lachlan David James. congrats to mr. and mrs. god. PICS! PICS! PICS!
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    Ever flown with Zoom Airlines?

    hey guys, anyone here ever flown on Zoom to get to Europe? I'm thinking of taking a flight from Toronto to Paris, and their economy prices seem hard to beat. i was wondering if anyone here had done that before and what their experiences were. they say that there is less leg room and lower...