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    What time does Amnesia open?

    Does anyone know what time the Cream parties at Amnesia start at? I know most clubs open at 2 am in Spain, or at least last time I was there. Has this changed? Would anyone know the dj set times? Thanks
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    Ferry + Tall Paul @ Guv

    No thread about this yet? Seriously? Have you people been listening to Ferry's new show?
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    A State of Trance 2007: Review

    I picked this up recently from HMV (yes, I bought a CD) and here's the review: AWESOME!!!! CD1 Starts off slowly, housy trancy vocal type stuff, but great, and flows amazingly well. Love tracks 3 and 4 and "wouldn't change a thing" CD2 Melodic Tranc, starts off epic with...
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    Armin van Buuren Armada Nights @ Kool Haus!!!!

    Holy Shit!!! Armin tore the place apart, and then Markus Schulz came on and kept it up till God knows how long, I left at 5:30 dead tired.
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    The Easter Thread

    Happy Easter Everyone :)
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    Above and Beyond at the Guv.

    AWESOME!! Best Above and Beyond set I've ever heard, period.
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    Peter Heller

    Holy shit, who else is loving this guy?! i mean, we all know about big love.. but holy shit..
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    Cheesy Track ALERT!!!

    Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate (Tiesto Remix) I *almost* bought a ticket to Tiesto, but when I heard this track today, I was like "fuck, this is the worst thing ever, and he's for sure going to play this". So forget that shit, I'm going to see Marco V.. for a fraction of the price...
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    Iraq Civilian Deaths resulting from US intervention vs. Civilian deaths by Saddam

    Ok, so one of my coworkers said that the civilian deaths resulting from US military intervention in Iraq was much higher than the amount of Iraqis killed by Saddam. I said that was completely untrue. Does anyone know any reliable numbers for this?
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    Future Sound Of Egypt!!

    With Ali And Flya.. on Digitally Imported right now.. great tunes!! :)
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    Bassnectar @ El Macombo

    So I went to see Lorne aka. Bassnectar, and to be honest, it was a fucking disappointment. The set of his we were listening to before we left for the show was WAY better, like dirty crazy high energy breaks. What he played was like reggae sounding slow type stuff, and the set was all over the...
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    Leslie Roberts on edge 102.1

    Was listening to this in the morning, Leslie is one funny guy!
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    Nick Warren @ TIL

    Good party, good times, good music :) Marcin
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    Cologne Choices.

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    I love BBQ :)

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    What's Worse?

    A girl with a great face but bad body OR A girl with a terrible face but great body?
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    Holy shit! Is anyone else loving pretty much everything that this guy puts out?!
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    misusing words

    i love it when they try to sound all smart in an otherwise plain article by dropping things like "idiosyncractic" lol
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    It's been a while but...

    It's time to nominate the girls who will be in the 2007 SUN calendar. Here's one of the nominees.
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    Cryptology Joke

    What's better than 128-bit encryption? 512-bit encryption. :D