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    The I don't want babies thread

    The further i get into my 30's the more people i know are having babies and the more i get asked why i don't wan't kids. Even some recent dates i have gone on, the guys want my uterus to reproduce..ugh deal breaker. i will not give in !! don't get me wrong, i do like kids, sometimes, but...
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    Make-up or not ?

    HI tribers, it has been a while. I have a question - I have never worn make-up, maybe lip stick once in a blue moon but i have never had the desire to wear stuff on my face and i seem to get by just fine. Maybe it is because i am a child of the 80's, and my older sister traumatized me with...
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    Buffalo Airport Question

    Hi Triber peeps long time no speak.. I have a question - I booked a flight out of the Buffalo Airport to Minneapolis saved quite a bit of $$ as opposed to flying out of Pearson. Has anyone ever taken the Greyhound bus to the Buffalo airport from Toronto ? any hassles at the border at all...
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    Honeywell Room Heater $40.00

    I bought this last year and only used it for a few months in the winter. It works perfect. I paid $80.00 for it, asking $40.00 pm me or email me ninaflower at rogers dot com
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    American Audio CDJ PSX- $150.00

    American Audio CDJ PSX in perfect working condition, hardly ever used. $150.00 pm me or email me ninaflower at rogers dot com
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    Free !! Teac Receiver, Technics tape deck, EQ & Tuner, VHS

    I have seemed to collect a pile of electronics over the years that I no longer use. I am moving on Saturday July 17th and need to get rid of this stuff or I will dump it off at the Goodwill. YES FREE ! Teac receiver - works fine still have manuel - tuner light does not work Technics...
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    FS Appliances- Washer,Dryer, A/C

    I am moving into a smaller place and no longer require these items Washing Machine only a few years old $100.00 http://www.ninaflower.com/images/DSCF2886.JPG Dryer $50.00 http://www.ninaflower.com/images/DSCF2885.JPG Block Heater brand new purchased this past winter $40.00...
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    bedroom in 3 bedroom loft $520 inclusive

    Hello, We have a decent sized room with huge windows available for May 1st. The place is a loft it use to be a bar. Tons of space with original bar. We have a big bathroom and a laundry/storage room. Rent is $520.00 all inclu. this includes: Laundry/hydro/extreme high speed internet. We...
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    Crazy ass preacher man

    lol wtf !?! http://rurl.org/15gx
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    Hadassah Bazaar

    Hey http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/526754 I work down by the CNE and was thinking of hitting the Hadassah Bazaar up. It only goes until 7pm so i am wondering if anyone has been?, and what kind of stuff there is, and by 5:30 if stuff is picked over. Thanks !
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    Help need a Plumber

    HI I live in a loft, and am having a hard time finding a plumber... i cannot even take a shower! ack i have a concert to go to tonight and a funeral during the week :( my lanlord is no where to be found... big surprise ... Anyone know any plumbers ? i am on the east side. Thanks...
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    Serato by-pass Question

    Serato Experts ! please help :) How do I switch from using the time coded vinyl to regular vinyl? With torq there is a dial .. but i am having a hard time figuring out how this is done in serato is there a by-pass switch anywhere, or do you have to just disconnect a channel? Thanks !
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    Maudio - Torq - $200.00

    http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/TorqConectivVinylCDPack-main.html **** does not include software - you can download for free - includes > instantly turn any Mac or PC into a powerful DJ rig * - includes Conectiv 4 x 4 USB audio interface with 16-bit/48kHz fidelity > CD quality...
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    Sign up online if you want to visit america

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2008/jun/03/terrorismandtravel.terrorism?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront US security: visitors must give 72 hours' notice * James Orr and agencies * guardian.co.uk, * Tuesday June 3 2008 * Article history Travellers from 27 countries...
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    2 Tom Petty Tix for June 3rd (tonight) reduced to sell!

    My roommate has two Tom Petty tix he needs to get rid of. ACC section 122, row 24 Tix are worth $265.00 Take both of them for $200.00 pm me or email ninaflower at rogers dot com
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    "Sex And The City" Turns 14-Year-Olds Into Sluts

    Taken from dlisted.com A girl named "Lisa" claims the character of Samantha on "Sex and the City" turned her into a 14-year-old slut. The Long Island, NY native started watching the show when she was 14, the same year she lost her virginity. She quickly began ordering cosmos in bars she...
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    LF Java Developer/Gaming Industry

    Putting the word out for my sister. The company is looking for someone ASAP Contract job/Java Dev for a gaming company They also have other I.T jobs open right now You can email janice at sooley recruiting dot com Thanks, S
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    LF:2 Erykah Badu Tickets for Tonight (May 5)

    Soo i have left this to the last minuet.. Massey Hall only has single and obstructed view seats left.. So if anyone has any tickest for Erykah Badu they are looking to sell, ppplease let me know. Pm me or email me ninaflower at rogers dot com Thanks! Sara
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    Dear Haters

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    Devil's Swimming Pool

    The Victoria Falls is a waterfall situated in southern Africa between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. From September to December, due to low water levels, it is possible to swim at the edge of the falls in a naturally formed safe pool, accessed via Livingstone Island...