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  1. J

    dear tribe, need help finding a song...

    ... and it's shameful but I need help finding a mp3 karaoke version of Summer of 69 by Brian Adams. it needs to be instrumental, the only ones I can find have random background vocals. this is the cornerstone of my best friend's wedding gag us girls are doing and I just assumed we'd find the...
  2. J

    help: recomend me a tailor/alterations person

    I have this new lovely vera wang dress that was bought for me as maid of honour for a wedding (from her lavender label, not the bridesmaid dresses). yay! but the fit is just odd on me and I think I need to get some alterations. it's a tough material to work with (silk chiffon) and the dress...
  3. J

    FS: stacked washer/dryer: $30

    works perfectly well, my dad just upgraded to a newer bigger model. For pick-up at Broadview and Eastern. you can email jennypea @ rogers dot com
  4. J

    IE not loading certain microsoft sites, help!

    This is for my mom who's computer has been acting really strange. she has a Dell computer with Vista on it. recently her internet explorer stopped loading certain websites, even though she has high speed connection. e.g. I couldn't get into facebook, hotmail, mls, even the pizza pizza...
  5. J

    Salon chit-chat/small talk

    OK, so I don't mind a bit of initial small talk when you're getting your hair cut/pedicure/facial/waxing/etc. but I personally don't want to have to talk non-stop the whole time. I like to just relax and enjoy a 'beauty' treatment instead of having forced conversation with someone I hardly...
  6. J

    Question for the tribe travel agents

    Quick question, my family and I want to book a trip over NYE down to Cozumel. 6 adults and 1 child in three rooms. my in-laws are suggesting to book now to guarentee that we get the package we want and rooms close togehter, but I feel like this is a bit too early and would rather book at...
  7. J


    Hello ladies, so my favorite Jackie-O shades broke and I'm in need of a good new pair. what styles are everyone going with this summer. aviators? those white ray ban's? need some ideas here. also, are higher end brands really worth it in terms of quality and protection for your...
  8. J

    AWESOME LOFT APARTMENT FOR RENT- king and strachen

    I'm posting this for a friend so please contact her directly or you can PM me and I'll get her in touch with you. King/Strachan Bright, large 1100sq. ft ground floor vintage loft apartment available April 01st 2007 - concrete floors - full kitchen and bathroom with tub - huge windows...
  9. J

    FS- blue ikea livingroom rug

    we've got new furniture and our current rug colour doesn't match so we're selling it. it's from IKEA, bought new about 1.5 years ago and in good shape. $25 if you pick it up (we live at King and Shaw) $30 if I deliver it to you in Toronto...
  10. J

    a new: "where can I buy a" thread

    I need a greek fisherman's hat for my grandpa for christmas. I've tried Tom's Place, The Bay and Harry Rosen and no one has them. Any ideas where I can find one??? they look something like this: I know I can google and buy online but I'd rather get one here in Toronto. thanks...
  11. J

    FS- IKEA KRABB mirror set

    never been used IKEA KRABB mirror set for sale. the previous owners of our condo bought them and never put up. they can be set up at a like (like the picture) or as a square. I have all the screws and fittings. they retail for $19.99, so I'm asking $10. if you're in Toronto I may be able...
  12. J

    Condo info wanted

    my dad is looking to downsize and is considering putting an offer in on a condo in The Riviera building at 230-228 Queens Quay West I know this is a shot in the dark but I'm trying to do all the research I possibly can to help him out with this huge decision. So does anyone live in that...
  13. J

    another question for the real estate agents here

    I would have bumped up a similar thread but for some reason the search feature isn't working for me. So my dad wants to downsize and is looking to sell the family home in High Park and move into a condo. he's found a great condo agent and has an idea of what condo area he wants to buy in...
  14. J

    what the hell is Britney spears on here

    hummm... jaw hurting, babble, confusion, forgetting soemthing someone told you 2 seconds earlier, random laughing, the Back to the Future/time travel bit :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB84A3zcmVo&eurl=
  15. J

    Girl stuff forum stats

    Interesting... we only have about 4% of the amount of threads as the Trance room yet we have over 65% of the amount of posts I like this forum :cool:
  16. J

    Tearer it's your birthday!!!

    I know you're far away on the West Coast but I'm sending you lots of birthay love and hugs... go have fun Ben Affleck style :p Happy 30th birthday baby!!!!!
  17. J

    STOTT PILATES DVD's- level 1 & 2

    I'm selling these almost brand new Stott Pilates DVD's. Stott Pilates: The Secret to Flat Abs - Pilates Matwork L. 1 Stott Pilates: Firm & Fit - Pilates Matwork L. 2 I bought them to do pilates at home and have moved on to the next level. The level 1 is a great introduction to core...
  18. J

    help: where to get a custom bedroom closet/wardrobe

    so the hubby and I moved into a condo that is great in every way except that the master bedroom closet is a tiny single door thing that can't even accomidate one person's clothes. why someone would design a bedroom with such a small closet is beyond me instead of buying some flimsy IKEA...
  19. J

    LF: Book- Caught in the Web: Dreaming Up the World of Spider-Man 2

    just a shot in the dark here, any spidy fans have this book that they'd be willing to sell or loan/rent until february? also, any one have any spidey comics or other books specifically with Doc Ock stories/info thanks :) you can reply in this thread or email me at jennifer at...
  20. J

    for all you condo/townhome owners

    So Tearer and I will be moving into our new home at Massey Square on King Street West next month. as first time condo owners I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the whole process- especially the managment and condo board business. We've had our lawyer look over the status certificate...