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    Backup HD - Software Rec?

    Hey All! Need a software recommendation.... I want a piece of software that will completely back up my hard drive to dvd. Click -> insert DVD#1 -> Burn -> insert DVD#2 -> Burn - Repeat... and then will restore it later using the same DVD's... make sense? I don't need it to run as an OS...
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    Man dies in funny car crash

    http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/videopage?videoId=3455640 I understand the headline... i just thought it was "funny". I'm going to rot in hell.
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    Data Archival Software

    I want to backup a folder on my computer to dvds (a few hundred gigs, meticulously organized across many, many, many, folders). I need a program that will allow me to burn it all to dvds, and then will restore it back to the original structure from the dvds... Suggestions? Thank you!!!!!
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    Visa Work Application - Cover Letter Help

    So I'm moving (hopefully) to New Zealand... I've got all my applications filled, medical checks, police checks, supporting documents, etc... The only thing I need now is to write a cover letter and get it to their high commision. I know I need to include things like my reason for wanting a...
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    Movie Editing Program

    I just need something simple Obviously need; Timeline Video and Sound editing Additionally I require; Ability to view the timeline frame by frame so sound effects can be started right at certain frames The ability to add text where I can have it appear on screen and then get...
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    "Very good if you need to write on paper"

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bic-Crystal-ballpoint-medium-point/dp/B000JTOYLS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1197316771&sr=8-3 614 of 618 people found the following review helpful: Very good if you need to write on paper, 7 Mar 2007 By M. Williams "Matt Williams" (Essex, England)...
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    "Greed has been severely underestimated and denigrated — unfairly so, in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with avarice as a motive, as long as it doesn't lead to anti-social behaviour." You, Sir, will make December 10th my Christmas.
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    Rental Question - Apt Building - Extra Key

    So my building changed owners and they changed the front door lock. They gave us all a new key, but want $25 for a second key. We had a second key before they changed the locks however and we didn't have to pay for it or even put down an additional deposit. I gave one key to my lady and I'm...
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    Toronto Video Game

    ...well it's actually a mod for half-life 2. www.torontoconflict.com It was touched on in the video game thread, but having some cool pics and being Toronto based, I figured it deserves it's own thread. Examples... Like I said it was touched on earlier here They're...
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    Schmevolution. Pffffftttt.... Who wants to take a trip to the Creation Museum?
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    Need Help: Scoring (Folding Paper).

    Alright... So I need help. I'm about to fold some paper and would like to do it without unsightly creases and strain marks. It's a heavier stock, and would like to know a cheap and at-home way to do so. (I really don't want to run out to a supply store). Any ideas? For those who aren't...
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    Type in the Toronto Subway (Especially for you Typography and Design Buffs)

    Inscribed in the living tile: Type in the Toronto subway http://joeclark.org/appearances/atypi/2007/TTC/inscribed/ Description lifted from some other website :)
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    One year old bacon - See The Pictures!

    http://warehouse.carlh.com/article_149/ Mmmmmm....
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    Flying Bacon

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    Ableton Live Question

    Does Live allow you to set 'envelopes' regarding EQ's? I don't know the terminology used with Ableton products, but by envelope I mean can you adjust eq changes to happen at certain points in a track? i.e. drop out the lower frequencies at a set point in the song -and can that be set...
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    Software Reccomendation? Mix CD

    Well? Not for recording a live mix, but for actually doing a production style mix CD... needs tempo and EQ adjust - and any extra bells and whistles are certainly appreciated. Would Sony/Sonic Foundry's CD Architect be a good choice? I was looking at their product pages, but it didn't...
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    Tribe Stock Competition 3

    Who wants to throw around virtual Benjamin's? It's been about 3 years since the last competition, and it's high time for another. If I've missed one, too bad, it should have been titled properly :D All you aspiring day-traders, lunatics, investment bankers, come on down!!!! The Trading will...
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    Kill Yourself

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    People who rock back and forth in their chairs.

    While not in a rocking chair. Explain?
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    Research Help (Investigative Reporting - dun dun dun....)

    Alright, so I would be the worlds worst investigative reporter and I come to TRIBE KNOWLEDGE BASE for help. Where would one go to find: Lists of Major Stockholders for various companies? Lists of campaign contributers for various Canadian politicos? Lists of donations made by a company...