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    Growers World (Danforth)

    Also worth watching /r/nugswap - you'll occasionally see people gifting clones.
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    How's everyone holding up?

    I'm not the most spiritual person but gardening is so damn good for the soul. And that is a kick ass picture, very cool.
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    You want some reality?! We keep talking about how things can't return to normal until we have a vaccine.. There is no guarantee a viable vaccine will be created. Some things can't be immunized against.
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    New virus-proof suit will let people attend EDM festivals.

    I mean, in terms of overall style and aesthetics we were almost there 25 years ago.
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    Anyone have experience with a rosin pressing service?

    If anyone has used and would recommend a rosin pressing service I would love to hear from you. I would be sending a quantity of flower through the mail so I'm only looking for recommendations from a trustworthy service, due to the obvious risk. Or if anyone here has a setup and would want to...
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    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    I generally don't mess around with auto's but I think they're great to start early for outdoor use (early harvest, so less chance of mold or other fall weather related stresses, thieves aren't out mid summer etc), just as you're doing, but this is a touch early since they have a relatively short...
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    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    Very little power? You're not relying on the Amazon LEDs are you?! What are you saying about genetics? For sure, there's something to be said about pre-90's genetics, or true landraces if they even exist anymore, but one of the most exciting aspects about cannabis growing is the cross...
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    odd animated gifs V 2.0

    Kinda relevant sorry not a gif:
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    925 silver cannabis grinder by tribe

    Alex? Your Lear jet analogy is a bit much. No, you are not designing high end aircraft. You're making *weed tools. And *craft jewelry. You're promoting these items here on your forum, and when members ask questions you don't like you tell them the products aren't meant for them anyways...
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    Canadian Conservative Party

    His party is going to cannibalize him.
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    https://tribe.ca/tribe-cannabis-accessories-24k-gold-dabbing-nail/ So first off, props to Mr D if he's able to have success with these products and create a profitable business. As he mentioned early on he was bridging many of his passions in this project (source materials from metal hunting...
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    Aww of course, thank you.
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    ^ You haven't seen the gold bowl yet have you..
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    So... I'm just going to give a very honest apology for my continuous dumb questions here.. Where are you guys seeing these updates from Beasttv you're quoting? On their site I see two updates, one from Sept 18 and one from the 19.
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    Did they delete that update or are my eyes playing tricks on me?! Just tried accessing with Formuler, error message, no dice. Webplayer down too. I miss dancing on Saturday nights lol
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    Yeah, hopefully this is just a temporary annoyance, if I was truly concerned I may have been tempted to use more colourful language.
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    Good thing I just bought the Formuler and paid for six months of Beasttv lol.
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    Thanks - rebooting doesn't seem to help but I'll see if I can clear the cache. Also liking your Formuler Z8 recommendation, might check that out.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Any good deals out there? We usually can most summers but I'm beginning to dread the process and we've been skipping the odd year lately. Thinking of investing in a mill and an outdoor propane burner to help ease the burden of this process.
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Their cans of stewed tomatoes are a major staple in my house, aww, anything I should be aware of?!