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    The what are you reading thread?

    I was a little dissapointed with Zen + the A of M. M. ....it started off great...but he REALLY dragged out some areas and it got a bit boring in the middle...if you liked that book....you might like 'The Book' by Alan Watts....definitely keeps reader more interested and has more powerful...
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    CFNY vs. the Edge

    As much as 102.1 plays the same shit too much...and the morning show talks WAY too much instead of playing music....there really isn't much alternative listening other than college radio...especially if you live outside Toronto....at least in the car, away from the internet... Barry Taylor is...
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    Indie Rock band recommendations?!

    couple indie and indie-style bands you might like... Bloc party, Doves, Snow Patrol, British Sea power, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, The dead 60's, Frou Frou, The Streets.... different tracks from each have been on 102.1 at one pt or another likely...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    bloc party - like eating grass.....
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    credit counselling...

    Woody...that's tough about the bank denying the consolidation...i'd have to know more details about the actual debt...usually banks are willing to consolidate outside debt only if your not in too bad of a position...but willing to only consolidate their own debt if its worse, which they usually...
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    credit counselling...

    a couple things if interested, paying off debt with more debt is a good thing only if you are closing the original...replacing with new lower interest debt. it kind of depends on how much you are restructuring; what was said earlier about secured line of credit's...the pymt is a lot...
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    Sneaks bday beats

    Farina, Carter AND Heather??? plus Sneak and Felix....this looks way too good to be true...must be nice to have friends like this to come play a b-day jam!!! damn... maybe i missed it...but has anything been spread about tix???
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    Jack Johnson this friday

    G. Love on this bill too...so wish I was going to this....jack johnson is phenomenal....boo to baseball tourney's............
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    The Village -- for those who have SEEN IT

    Originally posted by physix one thing i noticed.... if all the Elders knew about it being fake, why was Weaver and Hurt still "pretending" about the coyotes when they were at the barn door and she said "the markings are too high to be coyotes..." i don't recall anyone else being...
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    The what are you reading thread?

    just finished Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth about Reality by Brad Warner..... GREAT, great book for anyone into philosophy in general or wanting to learn more about zen buddhism.....the guy that wrote it is totally down to earth, pretty blunt, really interesting to...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    velvet underground - venus in furs.......
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    BOY GEORGE @ system

    GREAT GREAT NIGHT!!!! I can't believe how different Systems looks?? Totally new club inside...better set up, better lighting...much much better crowd this time...there were actually ppl there, and there were actually more than 4 girls there...although with boy george playing, some of the...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    dashboard confessional - again i go unnoticed
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    The what are you reading thread?

    honestly, great book...its basically written as the main character thinking to himself, which is cool because he continuously brings up questions which gets you thinking.....3/4 of the way through he gets really specific into one idea and it gets hard to read, but then pulls back a bit...
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    28 days later endings??

    the chicken ending was so funny...just randomly throwing a chicken in the place of the guy... 28 days later was a phenomenal movie...horror movie with creativity and style....i liked the original ending the best as well
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    Blade Runner on Space tonight

    amazing movie...
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    The what are you reading thread?

    zen and the art of motorcyle maintenance...almost done...
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    Has anyone heard of local t.o group cryogenic's?? A guy was selling cd's this wkd on Queen and i bought a copy...but their website doesn't work. does anyone know the correct address? The CD is disgustingly good but they're not signed to anything yet...i wouldn't believe they were even a...
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    Jon Tremblay and Matt Coleridge - Breathe @ System Soundbar

    sorry that i missed this night, was still in NYC for new year's.... congrat's to jonny t!!! sounds like he ripped it...next time, next time...will be there for sure!!!!
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    Sander K @ Boa Redux

    been in new york for a week so haven't been able to post... but had a f'n amazing time last saturday...the club is real deal...high praise for everything except the lack of running water upstairs...but i'm assuming that's something that will be fixed (hopefully) system was amazing...