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    these are real exam test answers.... hahahahha the last one is the BEST and the grand finale !!!
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    <<>> F R I D A Y S E X T H R E A D <<>>

    <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Everybody has had good dates, and bad dates, some involve sex and some do not... lets exchange funny hilarious stories of dates/sex encounters please don't use names.. after all you wouldn't be having sex with somebody if you didn't...
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    best idea ever

    I officially have the best idea ever... I'm going to take the private jet down the the bahamas today. I'm going to bring my big black shades, and green flip flops... who's in. Hurry i'll be there witht eh heli to get you in like ten minutes we can stop in thailand for thai food
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    bragging and boasting

    I traded in all my platinum cards and got a uranium card... I am so rich my money clip is made of diamond crusted pieces of the arc of the covenant [inspired by the old busta rymes song gimme some more interlude]
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    do you date ???

    Do you date casually Do you date seriously Do you see more than one person at a time, or are you monagamous ? If you are not monagamous, are you decietful, or do the people your seeing know that you see other people ? if you are polygamous are you the clingy one or do you encourage...
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    Edward Jones 'Scam' Job

    REcently I have been looking to re-orient my career, and I have sent out a few resume's I have heard back from a few, and all in all I am very pleased with my search results... this morning however I recieved this e-mail from Edward Jones and it seems like a pyramid scam sorta thing...
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    v i a rail to montreal

    So I'm leaving Friday I got the email confirmation with the barcode and everything. It says I should be there half and hgout early... the train leaves @ 5 and I can't get there till like 4:40... will I still be ok?? and how big of a bag can I put in the overhead storage compartment and...
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    meeting new people

    who was the last new person you met that you still hang out with ? how did u meet them ?
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    interweb funnies

    Recently I have been lounging out in the asshole of the internet.. 4chan.org wow it makes tribe look normal and tame
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    Chad Vader.... Darth's younger brother

    The following 4 episodes are short segments abtou Chad Vader the younger, less sucessful brother of Darth Vader. He is the manager at a grocery store. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4
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    beautiful Piano bar on queen, east of yonge

    Last Thursday after work I went to Ultra for a few drinks. It was great and around 8 I left. I decided I wanted some air and I walked east on queen street [I also wanted to walk off a few neat bourbons]. Somewhere along my journey I came across a BEAUTIFUL piano bar. It was small with a huge...
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    murder marry mate

    step one : determine if you would murder, marry or mate the person in question... [and if it's funny why] step two : suggest the next person I will get the ball rolling with Colin Farrell
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    greatest teddy bear ever

    Note Turn your volume to LOW Note There is swearing http://www.bordergatewayprotocol.net/jon/humor/web_animations/1.swf
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    work rants !

    I always see lots and lots of work rants on this board, and I have a solution. I am reading a book called The 48 Laws of Power By Robert Greene. The book is VERY Machiavellian. It basically entails what to do in order to use power and get your way. At first it was skeptical, but to be...
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    If you were born the opposite sex...

    What would your name have been ? My parents have told me my name would have been Maria. But I firmly believe that If I was born female I'd be a supermodel named Heidi..
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    most bar friendly subway station !!!

    A friend of mine recently ended an engagment. I am going to meet him this evening for a few drinks and hopefully put him back on his feet with a women [or two..hahahaha]. I want to meet him at a subway station with a lot of bars nearby so we can walk to and forth from a few, I figure king...
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    NES online addiction

    i am in trouble i have discovered an online NES emulator. I have been playing FFII all morning http://www.1980-games.com/us/old-games/nintendo/platform.php
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    do guys not 'get it' or r women just spiteful in groups ?

    last night for some strange coincidence i had 12 tables of 2 - 4 women each. each table spent the meal/drinks discussing how men just don't get it. Each table stayed at least an hour, talking about how men just fuck up continually, and simply don 'get it', they were talkinga bout dating a...
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    n00b thread

    this thread is for one particular n00b who started working in my office... shes in here somewhere
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    the hunt