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    Vintage Electric Bikes

    It looks like a sweet ride, but I don't know about the $5000 price tag... Vintage Electric Bikes https://vimeo.com/egarage/vintageelectricbikes
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    Has anyone been to Irepex...

    to repair an Ipad or Iphone with a broken front screen? I need to replace the glass on the wife's Ipad 2 after our 4 year old dropped it... Any other recommendations for places if not? Thanks!
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    Where do the 35's and over go dancing these days?

    Looking for somewhere to go, that's fun for us older folk. Not looking for bottle service or anything pretentious, but also not looking for anything too underground either (those days are long gone...) Any suggestions?
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    Wedding DJ's

    So I'm on the hunt for a wedding DJ for a smallish backyard wedding on August 5th. I figured this might be a good place to start... Any of the very talented DJ's on Tribe interested or know anyone that might be?
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    Ottawa Bluesfest Stage collapses

    Stage collapses at Ottawa Bluesfest, almost takes out Cheap Trick... Better luck next time mother nature... Bluesfest stage collapses in storm
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    AV question..

    I have my up-converting DVD player connected to my TV via an HDMI cable and get sound through the TV without issues. My TV is connected to my receiver via a digital optical cable and I get regular sound out of both the TV and the receiver. What I don't get though, it's the 5.1 surround when I...
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    The Pacific...

    Anyone else watch it last night? I thought it was pretty good, although a little slow at the beginning. Looking forward to the rest of the series...
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    The Dilemma...

    I've been thinking about selling my old Nikon F3 film camera as I never use it anymore having gone digital. I'm torn about it though. It has some nostalgia attached to it, but is that enough to keep it around gathering dust? Any thoughts?
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    the roosevelt room...

    Has anyone been here? I have to go next Thursday for an office party and was wondering what it was like. Should I expect lots of youngins? Dress code, that sort of thing...
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    RIP Edward Woodward aka the Equalizer...

    For all you kiddies who might not know who he is, he played one of the best bad asses on TV... ?Equalizer? star Edward Woodward dies at 79 - Celebrities- msnbc.com
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    what the hell just flew over downtown

    it was seriously low and throwing smoke....
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    Proof that Sex indeed sells...

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    the decemberists...

    did anyone go to the concert? I missed it while I was in england and wanted to know how it was...
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    I'm off to England on thursday...

    for a much needed vacation!! I can't wait! It's been 20 years since I was last over there. Anyone recommend anything to go and see that's not the typical touristy stuff?
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    Happy Father's Day

    To all the tribe dad's out there. May your day bring, sleeping in, breakfast in bed, beers all afternoon, and sex in the evening... aww, who I am kidding ;) but never the less, enjoy your special day :)
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    Happy Mother's Day

    To all of the hard working mother's out there!!
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    I just saw a google street view car in my hood

    I guess they are doing the east end today... Looks kinda silly driving around with this big periscope looking thing on the top.
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    Dave Duvall's retirement News Cast

    Did anyone else watch this just now? It sounded like he said holy shit, twice on the air right at the end when everyone gathered around him... It was actually a pretty touching tribute for him after 48 years with CTV...
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    "Magic" Torches detect cocaine on clubbers faces...

    A £40 torch that traps clubbers using drugs Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Police are shining 'magic torches' into clubbers' faces to check for tiny traces of cocaine – and now employers and parents are being encouraged to follow suit. Forces across the country are buying the £40 torches which...
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    Ricky Gervais + Elmo = Pretty darn funny...