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  1. J

    SELLING 53" Sony projection TV FOR $50!!

    SELLING 53" Sony projection TV FOR $50!! Model number is KP-53HS30 In great condition. The picture quality is great but there is the occasional static noise. Comes with original remote control. Here's a link to the picture and description of excellent features Buy Sony KP-53HS30 53" Hi-Scan...
  2. J

    beaches other than wasaga?

    so somehow i got roped into organizing a huge family outing to a beach somewhere. my family has been to wasaga many times and are looking for somewhere else to play in the water, have an awesome bbq and maybe throw in some trees/forest/trails for extra measure. anywhere between 1-2hrs drive is...
  3. J

    have you hugged a stranger today?

    the video is so many shades of awesome.
  4. J

    Help: Looking for Copyright Experts, based in Vancouver

    Hello all, I am looking for people who are experts and know their stuff in areas of copyright, could be lawyers, profs, etc. They must be based in Vancouver or surrounding area. Similar to Michael Geist but a Vancouver version. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, been googling with...
  5. J

    Vancouver - tips & suggestions

    I'm going to be heading to Vancouver for a work thing at the end of May, but will be staying on a couple days after the conference ends. My question is how many days should I allow for to get a taste of what Vancouver has to offer? is three days enough or should I stay for four days? Also...
  6. J

    Morcheeba @ Opera House

    anyone hitting this up tomorrow night?
  7. J

    good japanese restaurant

    Looking for a good japanese restaurant downtown, any suggestions?
  8. J

    What's the deal with Pho 88?

    I come back and now it's all fancy looking! when did this happen? is it under new management? and most importantly, is the pho still good?! <--thinking a hot bowl of pho will warm her up on this freezing cold day!
  9. J

    recommend a hair stylist/salon

    ok so I'm back from being abroad for too long, had several bad cuts, wouldn't let anyone touch my hair for months and now it's nice and long ... so I need a haircut soon. any recommendations?
  10. J

    ***LF:2 Flaming Lips tix***

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for 2 tix for the FLAMING LIPS concert @ phoenix. Will pay $100 for pair. Thanks :)
  11. J

    literary tattoo leaps from page to living parchment

    this is neat ... i don't know if i would want to be one of those people with random words tattooed on my body but iit's a cool concept. In 2003, the author Shelley Jackson announced that she would publish a 2,095-word short story called “Skin†on participants who agree to be tattooed with...
  12. J

    **yet another two gwen stefani tickets**

    hi all, i've got two extra gwen tickets up for grabs! got them for $195, selling for $180, obo. these are excellent seats!! will definitely be worth checking out! section 107, row 17, seat 7-8 pm or email at jasmynhoa<nospam>@ gmail dot com.
  13. J

    **FS: gwen stefani ACC dec 9**

    so i had a couple friends bail on me ... i've got 4 extra tix for gwen stefani at the ACC on dec 9 section 122, row 16, seats 3-6 purchased for $374 (including all taxes and service charges) selling for $370, pick up at mt. pleasant and eglinton area, or alternative meeting in the...
  14. J

    gwen stefani @ acc dec 9

    so psyched for this! :D tix go on sale this friday!!!
  15. J

    impeachment time: "facts were fixed" - by greg palast

    Something I got in my email ... IMPEACHMENT TIME: "FACTS WERE FIXED." Special to BuzzFlash Thursday, May 5, 2005 By Greg Palast Here it is. The smoking gun. The memo that has "IMPEACH HIM" written all over it. The top-level government memo marked "SECRET AND STRICTLY PERSONAL," dated...
  16. J

    LF: LCD SOUNDSYSTEM tickets!

    lcd soundsystem! may 21 opera house. if any one has extra tickets for lcd soundsystem, please let me know! i would totally love to see them!! :D pm or email me at jasmynhoa at hot mail dot com. thanks! :)
  17. J

    anyone have contact info for glych t.anomaly?

    anyone have jai's phone number?! please pm me with it. thanks!
  18. J

    fs: 2 tix to screening of It's All Gone Pete Tong

    hey everyone, i've got two extra tickets, $7 each. sold as pair for $14 total. IT'S ALL GONE PETE TONG Directed by Mike Dowse Screening Wednesday, February 2, 2005 at 8:45 PM In this hilarious, raucous and ultra-hip biopic, celebrated young DJ Frankie Wilde (Paul Kay) ? the toast...
  19. J

    nature poetry recommendations

    hey all, can anyone recommend some poetry that might describe the following ... -autumn and autumn light -light and form -beauty in nature -forest, trees etc. -mood, atmosphere of nature -appreciatoin of nature -being within nature my sis needs some poetry to accompany her pics...
  20. J

    you are one crazedcanuck

    empty your box yo! :p