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    Cat Food: The Feline Nutrition Thread

    the thing to bear in mind is that sadly, a tiny amount of animal nutrition is actually taught in vet school. (or at least in guelph) most vets' knowledge in animal nutrition would come from post-degree work, their own clinical experience, information given to them from pet food companies and...
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    Happy birthday rude1_247!!!

    happy birthday dude
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    Best Seasonal Allergy Medication?

    liz, how long did it take before nasonex started to work for you? i'm on day 7 right now and there's been a minimal difference in my allergies.
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    Simian Mobile Disco

    ug what the shit is with all these dope weeknight parties? boo i say
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    first time trying Batifole tonight. absolutely fantastic. delicious french dishes, great service (knowledgable, friendly and attentive). the restaurant itself is fairly small and resembles more of a café in terms of size and atmosphere.. but it was perfectly mellow and unpretentious. no...
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    Lion cut for cats?

    yep, some owners do it in really hot summers to help keep their cats cool. or an older cat who has trouble grooming itself may get a lion cut.
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    the best music video you've never seen

    royksopp - what else is there
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    workout buffs: help

    i guess? can you build up your obliques enough to actually increase your waistline though?
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    workout buffs: help

    is there a way to increase one's waist size without actually putting on fat on one's belly? i'm exercising a lot recently which is great. but i think that my waist size is dropping. which sucks because it's hard enough for me to find pants in my waist size as it is. i refuse to resort to...
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    Daft Punk

    insanity. that was a fucking rave hearing da funk drop was one of the greatest moments i've ever experienced shit. lost.
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    so this is the new resto review thread? adam and i checked out bar mercurio at st. george & bloor for dinner last night we didn't really know what to expect since their website was sans menu & prices, but their pizza was highly recommended from torontolife (but bizarrely, no menu was found...
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    philippe starck designed some dope watches for fossil:
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    Arrested Development is cancelled

    ^ try tv links
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    Looking for a good place to get a ROTI

    i dunno but from everytime i've been in, it looked like it was single-handedly run by their teenage daughter and her whitey boyfriend! ha
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    Looking for a good place to get a ROTI

    rip trinistyles & caribbean desires : (
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    Global Warming: A debate that I will win.

    http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2007/07/11/global-solar.html Sun did not cause recent climate change: U.K. study Last Updated: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 | 2:10 PM ET CBC News Solar radiation is not the cause of recent global warming, two scientists say in a report published by...
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    Happy Birthday kmac!

    <3 faggy zombie happy birthday oldmac you're my faaaaavourite
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    Happy Birthday Emiwee!

    happy birthday spilly <3
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    Beats Breaks and Culture - This Weekend!

    there. hyped for cinematic orchestra !!!
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    401 Closure this Canada day long weekend-?

    mofo: ha which has nothing to do with what we're arguing about at all! oh shut up lets go drink