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    How do we get more young people on Tribe?

    Gaming and car enthusiast forums are still doing ok but other than that I haven't come across any other board in the past few years that has been mainly for those 18-30. It seems there are plenty of young people on 4chan and reddit though. I went to ForumCon (for peeps who run Forums) back in...
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    could someone recommend some all time classic sets?

    A bunch of old stuff here, including sets mentioned earlier the thread: http://tranceaddict.com/livesets.php
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    The Dark Knight Rises - reviews and discussion

    Thanks for the infographics :)
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    irobot Roomba battery replacement questions.....

    I have same issue on the base model too (400) and have had it for approx. 2 years -- there is some info online talking about a battery 'reset' and it worked for a little while (meaning I can run it for 20+ mins instead of the 3 or 4 mins it was doing) -- but it's starting to flake out again. I...
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    Everything happens for a reason.

    This is all rather bizarre... I replied to your registration issues earlier in the day and now I landed upon this thread (lol) -- the homepage/referral fields you're talking about are optional so I don't know why you're having problems. Did you have a vision of me replying in this thread?
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    The 2009 Sunshine List

    That can't be accurate.. 133k?
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    Buying Stocks Online?

    Try http://www.tradefreedom.com for a guest 'trial' account where you can give it a test run. QuestTrade offers the same thing. As for stand-alone 'virtual trading' sites, there are a bunch, I'm on Wall Street Survivor but I'm sure there are better out there.
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    Do a little line, drive a little bus....NOT NO MORE!

    lol.. I worked @ MT part-time for about 8 months in 1995/96... interesting times for sure. In my brief stint I found the hardest thing was keeping my sanity after hearing "cotton-eyed joe" played almost every night at practically the exact same time. When were you there?
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    Happy birthday, Alex!

    Happy belated!
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    Dean Blundell's Eye column/ad

    http://www.eyeweekly.com/eye/issue/issue_08.23.07/fun/things.php Yea, I hate those commercials too.
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    Man guilty of murdering lawn walker

    http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070425/NEWS01/704250419/1077/COL02 BATAVIA - A jury of six men and six women was empaneled today for the aggravated murder trial of Charles G. Martin, accused of shooting to death a teenage neighbor after the boy walked through his yard...
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    I saved $220 and one point on my speeding ticket...

    I think you're wrong here. I've always known infractions to be on your record as: Insurance: 3 years from conviction date MTO: 2 years from offence date A quick search on Google leans in my direction.
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    best, free, FTP

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    I Have Been on TRIBE for a *DECADE*

    lol.. not playing mod -- I just remember lurking on here back then, as well as purerave and TRC (Toronto Rave Connection). And, speaking of April 99: Ahh.. memories. :D
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    I Have Been on TRIBE for a *DECADE*

    If you keep looking on archive.org you'll see the message board link (tribe.ca/rant) showed up somewhere between Dec 98 and April 99. http://web.archive.org/web/19990417053227/http://www.tribe.ca/
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    I Have Been on TRIBE for a *DECADE*

    I think you still have 2 years to go :) Domain Name: TRIBEMAGAZINE.COM Record created on 29-Apr-1999.
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    King West Optical

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    Things that make you say, hmmmm. . . .

    Nope. http://www.cbc.ca/money/story/2006/01/26/bay-060126.html
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    Brawl kills one man in Manhattan nightclub

    You can believe what you want - I simply quoted part of an article and linked to where it was extracted. Where do you see two?
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    Brawl kills one man in Manhattan nightclub