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    Amon Tobin ISAM @ Opera House

    ^what all of them said^ I thought the sound was a tad light for total immersion, but otherwise it was a near-perfect evening. (except for the Sunday night part) oh, and put down your fucking iPhones when you're standing in front of people... which is pretty much always, or at least hold...
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    Amon Tobin presents "ISAM" Live

    sooooooo stoked for this. :D after all those Mutek videos, you'd be crazy not to be.
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    RIM shares drop 22% SINCE THIS MORNING

    ^^very impressive plans, but I was more in awe of the city counsellors' displays of mental retardation.^^
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    cia.gov taken down by @lulzsec...

    i'm pretty sure they don't ship hackers off to secret prisons.. even the CIA is likely to have more than a bit of trouble with that. i think they're much more likely to offer them jobs.
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    The Witcher 2 Fighting Its Way to the Xbox 360 By Year’s End

    I've been at this game for a week or so now on pc, and let me tell you, she's a doozy. interesting, ofttimes complex and extremely challenging combat, a good degree of gameplay depth (alchemy, crafting, signs[magic], etc.) with a solid story, and good atmosphere.. quality game for sure...
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    Fans of the original, highly tactical rainbow six, rejoice

    Rainbow Six Set to Invade New York With Home-Grown Terrorism
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    SimCity 4 - The addiction that won't die.

    Yeah SCS had a few good ideas behind it, but the end result was pretty terrible. Cities XL isn't an MMO at all anymore. Monte Cristo, the original developer, went tits-up, and Focus took over the game, polishing it slightly, and including all of the content previously reserved for paying...
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    Sound Proofing

    all you have to do is keep it above zero, and one of those oil radiator space heaters on low would do the trick if the space is properly insulated... just crank it when you're planning on doing some work. my primary concern is the summer.
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    Laptop stand for DJing?

    haha.. yeah, that would definitely suck if that was the case, but the zip tie has a quick-release tab. it's really not a bad system.
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    Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

    that first article is mildy absurd swiss cheese. so... these UofA researchers who've discovered A 'cure for cancer' (<-first hint at absurdity) could only think to share their earth-shattering news with a handful of large pharmaceutical companies who have little to no interest in off-patent...
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    Unusable RAM on dual-boot PC (XP-32, 7-64)

    so it turns out that the RAM works when seated in the slots that the mobo manual tells you not to use for a single matched pair.. anyway, all is well now. thanks guys.
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    Laptop stand for DJing?

    use the supplied zip tie as per the instructions and you shouldn't have any trouble.
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    Laptop stand for DJing?

    I have the Stanton as well.. it's about as slick-looking as they come, extremely durable, works as well as any other stand, has an adjustable shelf for serato of whatever, and folds down flat for easy transport. it was somewhere in the neighbourhood of $100 at L&M, if memory serves.
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    Unusable RAM on dual-boot PC (XP-32, 7-64)

    lobo, in system properties it says 4gb RAM, 2gb usable. workdowntown, already checked msconfig to ensure unchecked status, but I didn't try reseating the RAM... that would never have occurred to me as a logical solution, but then the vast majority of problems that i've encountered with...
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    Unusable RAM on dual-boot PC (XP-32, 7-64)

    howdy folks, my computron sees the 4gb of RAM in 7-64, but it still says only 2gb usable. do i have to delete the 32-bit OS altogether in order to access the additional memory? cheers.
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    Studio headphones

    strange that you say that.. Niko's hd25's are really boomy too, but both of my sets have been perfectly balanced. I get the lows clearly, but it's never overpowering.
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    Sound Proofing

    cheers lads.
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    ableton noob query

    As far as production gear, all you really need is Live and a modest midi controller, unless you plan on recreating an analog studio feel. My setup consists of Live, a PreSonus Firebox audio interface, an M-Audio Ozonic keyboard, and a Behringer BCR-2000. All affordable gear, and I have...