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    Need some vinyl banners made - any recommended shops?

    Hey all, Would appreciate it if any of you could direct me to a shop in TO that produces high-quality banners at a fair price in a reasonable time. (Is that asking for too much?) Seems that in the print industry you get price quotes that are all over the map for the exact same thing...
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    Hat Embroidery Shops in GTA ?

    I have a simple image I want to get put onto a hat for a buddys bday.. but all these places I check out want a minimum order of 10 or 12 hats + have a crazy ($50+) setup fee... I wish I had the phone # of this Toronto shop that had a booth at the CNE last summer doing hats on the spot for...
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    Michael Moore in Toronto...

    For those of you that care: "The Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) is proud to invite Academy Award winner and political activist Michael Moore to ONtario. He will speak about some hot topics, including environmental issues at the RCO's 24th Annual Conference." WHEN: Wednesday May 5, 2004...
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    Ontario birth certificates - is yours laminated?

    Mine is - and as far back as I can remember it came/was always like this... The reason I'm wondering is since a buddy of mine said that when he got his passport done last year they wouldn't accept his cuz it was laminated! It has worked for my past 3 passports, but anyone know if they're...
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    Cancun ....... at the end of april - is it a busy time?

    I'm just wondering if the last week of April is any good in terms of college/university ppl down there? I'm sure it's not as busy as Feb/March but I'm curious if any have gone and how it was?
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    Canada day this year.....

    ...lands on a Tuesday. So does that mean that most of us have to end up working the Monday?! Time to book a day off. **edit** (Thanks) Time to book off both Monday & Wednesday. :)
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    Question about speeding tickets....

    ...just wondering something - if the cop clocks you on radar at one speed but reduces the amount he writes down on the ticket - is there any record of the original radar speed? ?? I'm guessing not - I still want to fight the ticket in court...
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    Cable modem monthly caps planned for Summer 2003

    ....time to start downloading! Q: Will Rogers implement a usage-tracking program for Internet usage ? A: Our plans are to launch a bandwidth usage-tracking program for mid-2003. The program would set a monthly usage allowance and you would be charged for additional usage. Industry...
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    For you speeders - this is where cops will be the next few days

    http://www2.torontopolice.on.ca/newsreleases/index.php?viewmode=current Wednesday Dec 4: 1) Kingston Road near Birchmount Road 2) Parkside Drive near Bloor Street West Thursday Dec 5: 1) Meadowvale Road near Lawrence Avenue East 2) Rexdale Blvd. near Highway 27 Friday Dec 6...
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    "The Docks" in trouble with Alcohol & Gaming Commission

    Tuesday, October 8, 2002 Legal knots for The Docks By ERIN SILVER, TORONTO SUN One of Toronto's most popular nightclubs will have its liquor licence suspended during a peak period, according to a decision released yesterday by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission. The Docks will be...
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    Brazilian Hottie Pic Of The Day

    http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/en/020626/1/18tx.html "A Brazil fan shouts in the stands as she waits for a World Cup semi-final match between Brazil and Turkey in Saitama June 26, 2002."
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    Sympatico HSE to cap monthly downloads to 5GB

    Tracking of bandwidth activity will begin in June 2002. Included in your access charges is 5 GB of upload and 5 GB of download, usage beyond this is subject to an additional charge on your Sympatico statement, starting with your July billing statement. Members who use more than 5 GB per...
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    New Rogers' End User Agreement allows them to send you spam unless you opt-out

    http://www.rogershelp.com/help/content/download/pdf/EUA.PDF --- Section 13 (b): Disclosure for Promotional Purposes: In order to respond in a timely fashion to your needs, we may, from time to time, market to you, directly or indirectly or through our related companies, additional...
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    This is one of those times you shouldn't play in the mud (Picture Inside)

    I had this sitting around for years and I finally scanned it in.. It's too classic to leave on my wall without sharing with the world. LOL He even has his mouth open!
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    US DOJ apparently wanting to use net messageboards to bust raves

    "...a new report suggests the DOJ is actively working on an Internet strategy to target the Web as a source for infiltrating raves, as part of its crackdown on ecstasy, LSD and GHB, commonly called "club drugs." :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Source...
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    Reliable place to get 150+ custom tshirts printed?

    ...preferably a place with lots of experience in printing complex designs on black/dark coloured shirts... Give me your recommendations please.. (...in Toronto or GTA is fine) Thanks :D