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    Quick question BRT

    What year did Element Bar close? thanks
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    Maynard's Candy Commercial

    Stupid thread, should be in nobody cares, but I'm not on enough to be able to find a response in that giant thread. Does anyone know what the song is in that commercial?
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    Montreal Pride.

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    Microsoft Error Reports

    So, what happens when you send an error report? Do they notify if they fix the problem? How do they do so? Problem: When I open my document video's an error report comes up and shuts it down. I've scanned my whole computer for virus's and it's clean. So I don't know what's what.
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    RIP Tom Hanks

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    Do YOU Fluff your Muff???

    After spending some time with tekno princess this weekend I found out that some girls fluff their muff. Do you fluff your muff? Let's hear some muff fluffing secrets? Mousse, hair gel, strawberry shortcake combs? How do you make your muff the fluffiest?
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    Lighting/Rope Light/Fibre Optics--HELP.

    I've been searching on the Internet for quite some time now for some type of lighting/rope light/fibre optics. I'm making something and I require about 12'. I would need it to be about as thick as an eraser at the end of a pencil or a bit bigger. The item in this picture is sort of what...
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    Computer Problem

    Whenever I try to open basically any program (Kazaa, MSN Messanger, even anti-virus/virus detection programs) on my computer this message pops up: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel."...
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    Olympic Shooting

    Dawn Kobayashi is my mom's best friends cousin and will be competing in the 10m Air Rifle Event. She is on the Jamaican team because that's where she was born but she lives in Canada. Gooooo Dawn! Link She has a blog that she's sending to Kamloops This Week newspaper. Hello...
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    Sci Fi/Fantasy novels by Steven Erikson

    Has anyone here read his series of books called A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen? They have become my favorite series of books. I dare say, even better than Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've read the first 4 books and couldn't put them down. The amazing scope of his storytelling...
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    Montreal Pride

    This weekend. It's coming fast. Is anyone taking the trip? My plane leaves Saturday morning and I'm very excited. Never been to Montreal Pride.
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    July 11, System Boat Cruise.

    So is anyone going?
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    Roxy Blu - Friday July 2

    So who's coming out to Roxy for Greg Gow, Evil P, Nevio, Chris Jackson, Mat Lunnen, Ben Murko, Chris Wong and Jach Jarvis? A night of proper house!
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    Happy Birthday Techno_Lord

    Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy Gilles on July 1. They made a holiday just for you. ;) You're such a sweet, funny guy who I love more than I can say. I hope that your birthday brings you everything that you aspire to in the upcoming year because you deserve it baby! Tonight we'll...
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    So who's coming to Spin Gallery on Saturday to see Steve Yanko, Mike Sitchon and Jason Hodges work some magic on the decks?
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    Happy Birthday SmoothOperator

    Happy Birthday man, you don't have a birthday thread and that's a pity! So here it is. :)
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    Elevator Repair

    I don't need an elevator to be repaired. I was just wondering if anyone knows of anyone who does this because I live on the 24 floor of an apartment with really slow elevators and was wanting to acquire a service elevator key. I'm not too sure if they would be universal keys or if it's...
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    Please Welcome AbnerWigglestaf!

    You have already achieved the best name award without even a single post.
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    The official "what's up with official threads"

    C'mon now, just because YOU say it's official makes it official? pfffft. ps. I do see the irony in my posting this.
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    Bank of Canada

    Hey guys, did you know that you or your family member may have some money sitting in a Canadian bank account that you never knew about? Click on the link and enter your last name or your full name to see if you have any cash and how you can claim it. .....check it out you never know!!!! I...