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    Summerlicious 2007

    July 6 - 22, 2007 www.toronto.ca/special_events/summerlicious/index.htm *oink, oink* :D AL
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    Craig Richards E-Mix TONIGHT

    I just noticed this --> LINK 30minutes to go :D
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    Jeff Mills Interview

    Interviewed by Bart Thissen for Xpander.nl. *************************** Jeff Mills will hardly need any introduction. The man from Detroit can be seen as one of the inventors of Techno and as one of the world's leading Techno DJ/Producers. He has been running his own Axis Records label...
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    Steve Porter Feb 2004 Promo Mix

    1. HDF & Bons "Sucka" (Instrumental) 2. Lance De Sardi "Don't..... cause I won't" 3. L.H.A.S Inc. "Reasons" undercover agency rmx 4. Inland Knights "Sometimes" 5. Unknown "Got to be Love" 6. Matthew Dekay Band "Higher Thoughts" sporter remix 7. Agent 001 "Jabba Jaw" 8. Unknown "It's...
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    a little Tiesto in concert clip

    Click the LINK Checkout the size of the F'in crowd!!! :eek: :eek: AL.
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    Video clips -Danny Howells @ Aria // 2003.07.11

    From the Aria messageboard: link The clips are portions from the last 3hrs, but shows what a crazy motherf**ker Howells really is :D Enjoy, A.L.
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    Video Clips of Deep Dish @ Aria

    Here are a few short, but pretty high quality video clips of Deep Dish when they played Aria as part of their GU: Toronto tour. ENJOY :D Albert.
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    Farina in Calgary and Edmonton

    Just a little heads up to all the house-heads in both cities, Farina is scheduled to play Calgary @ Whiskey (May 28th) and Edmonton @ Standard (May 29th). Both events are (co)presented by Smirnoff. Enjoy you lucky bastards!!! :p Albert.
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    Satoshi Tomiie @ Club Space in Ottawa

    Last night was a fun night! The music coming from the two rooms were both solid, but contrasting at the same time. The side room featured an all Ottawa line-up, and let me tell you the beats were pumpin'! I walked in there around midnight and the music was going off like it were 4am :eek...
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    Luke Fair Interview

    Here's a little interview with our hometown talent Luke Fair. LINK Albert.
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    House music documentary?

    I'm not sure if this was originally aired as a documentary, but if you want a bit of a history lesson of house; where it came, and what has come from it, check out the clips at this LINK. Each clip is pretty long (approx. 50min), but I found it to be quite imformative. Well worth the watch...
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    GU Toronto Tour Date???

    There's already a date for Montreal which looks wicked! link May 17: Deep Dish Global Underground album release party 30-35-40$ featuring: Deep Dish (Washington) Luke Fair (Toronto) Jay Trippwire (Vancouver) I'll probably be more incline to hit up the Montreal date for proximity...
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    Roger S back in TO!

    Saw this on another board so I thought I'd post the flyer. Albert.
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    Apr 25 - TYRANT @ STEREO !!!!

    Its a little bit away, but this is going to be massive. To quote Brad Copeland, "apr 25th lee burridge and craig richards 2am til they feel like stopping all tyrant, all night." Start planning those road trips people! Albert.--> last exam on the 24th :D
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    Sound Emporium

    Is this the name of a new club opening up in Toronto? Green Velvet, Bad Boy Bill, and Seb Fontaine are booked to play there. Has anyone heard anything about this club/venue/space? Albert.
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    Chicago invades TO

    First TO will get Sneak, Carter, J-Dub, and Farina (originally from Chicago) one week. And the following week; Dj Heather and Mark Grant. Its time to get your fix of Chi'town HOUSE. Albert.
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    Guv 6yr Anni.

    What an amazing night! I just polished off some nice McD's breakfast and I'm in such a good mood. I think this was the best party all year, at least for me. There was a short wait to get in, but when I got into the Kool Haus (my home for the evening), it was nice to see all the extra room! It...
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    Employment Agencies???

    Hello all, I just graduated university last month and I've been bumming around since then, but if I don't find something to do in the near future I might actaully go crazy from bordom. Does anyone know of any good employment agencies that I should contact? Or if anyone here know's someone...
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    John Creamer & Stephane K Bedrock 4 (Album Tour Dates)

    From the GU board: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- So far...... Fri 8/23 Rehab@Union Leeds, UK Sat 8/24 Redbox @ The Pod Dublin, IRELAND Tues 8/27 Renaissance @ Amnesia Ibiza, SPAIN Thurs 8/29 Supersonic @ Kadoc Villamoura...
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    Anything happening on Friday?

    There's JVM on Thursday and a few goods parties happening on Saturday, but is there anything happening on Friday? What are people doing this Friday?! Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Albert.