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    2 tickets for the metropolis NYE event at 50 edwin

    https://www.facebook.com/events/490700047631110/ not sure we can make it anymore, and am looking to sell. 55 each. this is easily the coolest venue I've been to in the past few years, if you're looking for something fun to do, it's a solid option. PM or email damoncrate (AT) gmail.com
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    by the rivers of bablylon!

    the melodians, classic rocksteady group performs live at harbourfront on sunday at 8. any roots reggae fans shouldn't miss this.
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    battery powered christmas lights or LEDs

    can anybody help me top off an ugly sweater project? I know ikea had them, but I drove out there to find out they were sold out at every store (said the computer) basically what I need is a string of lights, or LEDs that are powered by a AA or 9v battery. active surplus is maybe my next...
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    LIFE: BBCs follow up to EARTH. This sunday on discovery

    Life | Home more glorious slow panning time lapsed HD nature shots from the BBC and its affiliates. Over 4 years worth of shooting went into this follow up to the hugely popular EARTH series. should be really cool, and if you don't have HD at home, call a buddy. it should be worth it.
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    inexpensive suits / formal wear that doesn't suck

    I understand such a thing doesn't really exist, but here's the deal. I work in advertising, I wear jeans and t-shirts and jeans all week and own basically zero formal wear, or even business attire. I'm sick of looking like a 15 year old with my ill fitting crap that gets worn 3 times a year...
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    custom furniture

    has anybody ever had any custom furniture made before? specifically I want to have a bedroom dresser made to spec in a mid century modern or contemporary style. somebody mentioned to me that you can have this done for a pretty reasonable price. I have +/- 1000 bucks to spend on this...
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    MF DOOM – born like this. Out today

    if you like Doom, you'll dig this. hype album.
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    FS: Jerker studio desk - $40

    it makes an amazing studio / office desk but it is just too large for our current space and has already been replaced. Both levels are adjustable in height along the many holes in the uprights, and comes with an add on platform that rotes on a hinge. it's in good conditions except for some...
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    Brushed Steel and Glass bookshelf

    No room for this guy at casa de tack one, maybe you'd like it. it's 6 feet high, 29 inches wide, and 31 inches deep (arched back structure makes it sit forward from the wall, widest shelf is 18 inches) aluminum and green translucent glass, with cross tension bands at the back...good...
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    lets jump off a mountain in our flying squirrel suits!

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1778399&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 apparently that sounded like a good idea to somebody. Not sure if this sort of thing has been posted, but it's pretty mind blowing.
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    Google's Chrome browser

    anybody download the beta yet? I haven't done it yet personally, but will probably give it a shot soon. the screen snaps don't make it look overly sexy, but who knows.
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    custom jewelry – recommend somebody downtown

    Has anybody ever had anything made custom? Know a really good jeweler that can take my concept sketch all the way? Somebody professional, who has access to a variety of gem stones, not your sister's best friend who strings beads in her spare time. downtown locaion would be ideal, but...
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    art show venue help

    Hey guys. I'm trying to organize a small art show/party in late NOV. and am looking for a good venue for it. The ideal location would be something central (broadview, bloor, landsdown, and the lake) that had an industrial or loft space quality to it. If anybody has been to the shared loft...
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    WTF: it's snowing at queen and john

    very tiny, damp snowflakes, but for sure it's snow. insane.
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    sad ipod icon

    stupid fuckers are mocking me! oh, boo hoo, the ipod is sad. anybody had this icon appear before? it's basically frozen, won't restart, won't hard boot, won't appear in itunes for a restore. the website says it's typically a hardware issue, and that I should book an appointment with a...
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    Freelance Designer for hire

    Trying to pick up some freelance design / art direction jobs right now. have a look at my work if you're interested. www.damoncrate.com contact damoncrate AT gmail DOT com
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    Spectra news (MSNBC)– 3D news reader

    http://www.spectramsnbc.com check this news platform MSNBC has just launched....it's pretty darn fun. not sure if it's the very best way to get your news, but it is engaging and I see it only getting cooler in the future.
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    domain and server space reccos.

    I'm certain this has been discussed, but things change quickly, so I'm looking for some relevant recommendations on companies with whom to register a domain name and server space for a site I'm finally going to develop for my portfolio. don't need heavy bandwidth or a ton of server space, the...
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    anybody a pseudo electrician?

    it's easy enough to wire a light. black, red and ground are no problem. but in my basement I have a light that is controlled by a switch, and another that is turned on by pulling a cord. I want to take down the fixtures that are up there, which are shit, and replace the one that requires a...
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    SALE: one 6 THOUSAND BTU AC and One microwave

    for sale together, or separate. it's saturday morning and I'll be honest, i don't have tons of motivation to write anything witty or take photos of the stuff right now. but who the hell cares what their AC unit looks like, stop being so vein. the AC is 6000 BTU's, and fits in a window...