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    hardest hit jobs of 2009(US)

    see you at the food bank
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    haz anybody been rafting before?

    tossing around the idea of a weekend of whitewater on the kickinghorse in july for a friend's bach party. what's the bear/pirate/bearpirate situation in glacial-fed inland waterways? +/-?
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    best portable device for viewing pdf's?

    any advice for a portable pdf viewer? i have a ton of books scanned all sorts of different ways so i'm thinking ipod touch since i'd imagine it'd be easiest to manipulate the pages(zoom/scroll/etc) but really have no idea?? preferably something that won't choke on 60mb pdfs tx in adv!
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    bell upgrade, which smartphone?

    oh hai, i can has smartphone upgrade. not sure of which 3G to get though. the letter from bell listed the following(but there may be ones that weren't listed?): - blackberry storm (i hear it's about as useful as an asshole on your elbow[but not nearly as fun]) - bb curve (seems kind of dated...
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    job happiness fm time mag (clergy and butlers top the list!?*%^@)

    sorry if this is a repost, search went wonky for me. roll over the grid to the right to see how different occupations scored for "happiness". gas station attendants are at the bottom with a median income of like $13.7k. the magazine version lists the income for some occupations but i think they...
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    tribe help: anyone get $$$tock options?

    negotiating with our principles over setting up options for our department, i figure there must be some tribers who have them and i'm wondering about the pros/cons of the different types. so for those who do have them- are they: incentive/non-qualified/restricted/etc options? typical vesting...
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    Mephisto::Ginsburroughuoac Heartattack[indie/alt/pop/post-boho/heartbreak]

    last week i ran into a girl i fell in love with when i was younger. we were together for just two years but it was totally the most intense time of my life and the encounter brought back a lot of memories. after i got home, i rummaged through my cds for the first song in this set and after i...
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    Mephisto::the crucial lick (foundation reggae/dub/roots)

    when i was growing up, every summer we'd head down to spend a month with family in jamaica....jamaica-queens, new york next to flushing meadows. halcyon summer days without a care in the world- street ball, watergun fights and freezies. another thing i always associate with those times was the...
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    computer mixing setup

    wondering what kind of setup you would recommend for computer mixing that would produce decent output for mixes. i'm playing with PCDJ right now on my shanty work laptop but am not really happy with the result (ref http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=133314). after messing...
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    help w/making mix fm laptop, sounds like i used a telegraph and wax cylinder

    so i just decided on a whim to make a dubby/reggae mix to kickstart some warmer weather today... never done this before and i have no equipment so i procured a copy of PCDJ and went to town on the trusty thinkpad. i recorded a clip just to see what it will be like and my question is why does it...
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    redass rules?

    putting together a booze-fueled game this weekend for old time's sake, does anyone remember the rules? from what i recall you whip the ball at the wall and... - if someone catches it before it hits the ground after the rebound you get a letter (or do you have to run and touch the wall before...
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    what's your homepage?

    mine's been www.slate.com for too long, time for a change
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    ipod as hd with xbox360?

    title says it all, is there any way to use an ipod as the hard drive for an xbox 360(classic)? t.i.a.
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    spelling bees

    there's a documentary on cbc newsworld right now about them i've kind of been into the "b-e-e, bee" scene since i saw one on television about two years ago. it's so fucking intense, it's the best reality tv out there. i remember seeing one where this one kid fainted and came to shortly after...
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    airplanes are fun

    boys and their toys*... years ago i had the opportunity to fly the mighty hog (ie the type of aircraft in this vid...actually for the company in this vid) in the maldives and arctic but chose to get into corporate flying based here in the big smoke. i can clap my ship on the sod and have it...
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    the red ballon/le ballon rouge

    no, not 99 of them, just one. i'm sure at least 80% of you saw this movie in primary school during an indoor recess or when you had a substitute teacher. does anyone remember it? it was probably shown on projector; about a kid following a red balloon through the streets of montmarte(paris). he...
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    flying geek video thread

    pretty much sums up a day in the life. (follows an airline crew on a 3day pairing from boston-paris-boston) http://web.mac.com/kentwien/iWeb/flight/vertigo.html p.s. boston is a huge pain in the ass! this one is pretty good too, follows a crew on the captain's last flight before...
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    tribe help: therapy of the physio

    after an encounter with a physiotherapist last night at a club it's come to my attention that after numerous drunken (and embarassingly sober) falls, 10 years of pitching, an abomination of a golf swing, countless impacts from a variety of angles and heights from bikes/snowboarding with an...
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    FS:MTB '02 Giant XTC-AC2

    posting for a friend...
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    anything going on this weekend?

    i'll be out in halifax fri-sun this weekend, just wondering if there's anything going on at night or anything in particular to check out in the day?