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    Wal Mart Meth

    m.digitaljournal.com/article/315879 Tulsa - According to Fox 23, police arrested the woman for endeavoring to manufacture meth at the Tulsa Walmart. Reportedly the woman was caught on surveillance video as having been in the store for several hours; security staff noted the woman...
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    Destiny Needs Your Support!!

    Hey folks - the annual International Dance Music Awards are currently accepting nominations for the best of 2004. If you can find 30 seconds to vote for the Destiny crew that would be amazing! Just go to: http://www.wintermusicconference.com/ballot.php Fill in contact info and then answer...
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    Sponsor OS/2 to help the Easter Seals Kids

    I have entered a very special 24hr. relay race to support the Easter Seals kids. All Pledges over $10 receive an instant tax deduction receipt via email from the Easter Seals Foundation. All pledges can be done online. Its a well deserving charity and your pledge will actually get a DJ off his...
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    Do Asian DVDs and Games work in Canada?

    A question for the techies: I am looking at thousands of DVDs and XBox games in Thailand shops that are about $5 each (even stuff in the the theatres like Finding Nemo, Matrix, etc) - obviously they are burned but my question is will they work in Canada or is the format different? The sign...
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    Small change to the 2 for 1 Plan A ticket deal

    Due to a slight misunderstanding with the park when we first posted our 2 for 1 deal concerning Plan A EB tickets we have had to make a small change: Anyone with a PLAN A (original $65 Early Bird Ticket) can bring a friend for no additional charge EXCEPT a $10/day camping fee that goes...
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    Carl Cox at WEMF2003

    If anyone is looking to rent an RV, we found the perfect place - just down the road from the venue: http://www.carlcoxrv.com/index.html We have Carl dropping off one of our units himself - maybe he will bring records. Maybe after that we will will have PVD portalets come by for a flushout...
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    WEMF2003 Plan B - Official Update

    Over the years many battles have been fought to bring you this event. We have always been there to fight for your right to party and this year is no different! With pressure from the overblown media hype surrounding the non-existent “SARS crisis” to dealing with hypocritical members of the...
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    The lineup!

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    Superstar DJ's new job??

    And to think, he's sold almost half a million albums! hehe
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    Now that's Dedication!

    An exerpt from a recent letter... Sent: February 20, 2003 12:03 PM To: info@destiny-productions.com Subject: WEMF 2003 SUGGESTION To whom this may concern- I am from Chicago, and for the last 2 years i have made the voyage all the way to Bobcaygeon. Even after almost getting...
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    Destiny New Year's Eve - Need your input...

    Ya - Ya - the rave scenes dead... Well, maybe not at all - you just gotta pick your spots - thousands came out for WEMF and Halloweeen and New Year's is the next logical night to let loose! Destiny New Year's Eve Question - Need your input! Hey Everyone - Final touches are now being...
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    BT SLAMS Oakenfold...

    >Subject: [progress] b.t. article re-print. >Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 21:41:25 EDT > >Did you ever find the person that broke into your house and stole your >equipment last year? > >BT: No, we didnt. I think i know who did it, but...the shits gone. > >Damn. Thats too bad. > > BT: I had...
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    Club Industry... now a Shoppers Drug mart

    Just biked past Industry today - looks like a brand new Shoppers Drug Mart is opening up very soon in the very spot of many a good night... seems almost right.... heh - now the prescriptions are legal.
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    BUZZ - America's #1 Club - Shut down by the the military!

    Land of the free.... I think not! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: FOR MORE INFORMATION: September 18, 2002 Amanda Huie, amanda@buzzlife.com BUZZ ENDS ITS NINE YEAR RUN IN WASHINGTON, DC On Wednesday, September 18th, after increased pressure from the DC...
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    Look at the WEATHER REPORT!!! YAYA!

    Report for Bobcaygeon (not Toronto) Friday, Aug 2 Variable cloudiness High 27 °C Low 18 °C Wind 20 km/h W P.O.P. 20% Saturday, Aug 3 Cloudy periods High 26 °C Low 16 °C Wind 15 km/h N P.O.P. 20% Sunday, Aug 4 Cloudy with sunny breaks...
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    WEMF Headliner Bio's

    I thought it would be cool to give people a little more info on some of the WEMF headliners and maybe get some reactions... I will post a new one every other day or so - feel free to comment! We will go in order I suppose... CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE www.christopherlawrence.com: The...
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    WEMF2002 Venue Location Information

    The location for WEMF2002 is in the picturesque town of Bobcaygeon, Ontario. See www.wemf.com for exact location. Bobcaygeon is approximately 1.5 hours northeast from Toronto. If traveling by car or RV, please see the maps and driving directions at www.wemf.com. We also suggest you consult...
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    EB Ticket sales extended 2 more days!

    July 1 was supposed to be the last day for WEMF2002 EB ticket sales, however because so many stores are closed today, we have extended the EB ticket sales for 2 more days! You can get EB tickets at any outlet that has not already sold out or at any ticketmaster outlet and tripledecks. Only 1...
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    Renaissance Sensation - May 25

    Come on - lets see some hands! Gonna be a wikked weekend! OS