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    Is anything going into the huge former Sears space at the Eaton Centre?

    Nope - fired the CEO and doubling down with another 100+ stores in Canada..
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    New Theme Park in Toronto Area (Possibly Ontario Place)

    Just put a deposit down...
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    biohazardous cannibal rat ghost ship

    99.9% chance it sank a while back. They found a lifeboat floating (sans rats) 6 months ago and nothing else. Also the automated "sinking ship" beacon went off as well around the same time. OS
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    THUMP - History of EDM in Canada Video

    Its one of MANY they did - none are definitive history's of the entire scene just a few part(s) each. OS
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    Ticketmaster Presale vs. next day at 10 am?

    As someone who works with them a lot I don't hold anything back in the pre sales - you can get access to any/all our tickets in pre sales. Its more about rewarding fans/supporters/mailing list/etc. Keep in mind we are GA sales so its more about price tiers.
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    Deep Dish

    I am very much looking forward to this... both Dubfire and Sharam have been great solo for the past 8 years but together I'm expecting some interesting new music...
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    On a per capita basis WEMF was pretty much the same level of junk. Tents, chairs and basically everything people took out of their cars... OS
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    No need for this... leave 30mins after the burn and drive right out - 20mins flat. Scientifically tested last 4 of 8 years by yours truely! OS
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    Under the Dome

    Listened to the book on my ipod last year... telling you who put up the Dome is pretty much the plot of the whole thing so...
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    Police won't charge someone for "smoking" in a video - there is no way to prove in a court of law what was in the pipe. We all know what it is but its not evidence required for a criminal conviction. I'm happy to let the court of public opinion take this one to death penalty level!
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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    Gawker already stated that if they don't get to 200k the donated money would be donated to a local charity focused on drug rehab. OS
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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    1. Toronto is the 3rd largest city, not 4th. We passed Chicago this year. 2. The Star did not break the story and was not even the first Toronto paper to publish... Gawker posted first and then the Globe & Mail put up a piece on Thursday night. Star didn't go live until Friday morning as the...
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    The horribly gone wrong department

    That piece crap has been my view since 2001 and I can safely say the day they drag it away and melt it down can't come too soon! Place is an eyesore and blemish on the quickly improving waterfront! OS
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    Digital Dreams Festival.

    Maybe one day soon...
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    Digital Dreams Festival.

    We can't - we fucked that up for that 3hr stretch on Saturday afternoon. We emailed everyone an apology who purchased with special offers this past week (only people who did not get this were those that opted out of communication from TM as it would be against the law to contact them) OS
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    Digital Dreams Festival.

    Not sure how I could say things differently than I did earlier but the main gate situation from 4-630PM on Saturday sucked for everyone... Once we got a handle on things the problem never came up again all weekend but for those 2-3hrs it was not a fun experience. While nobody waited 4hrs as...
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    Digital Dreams Festival.

    We apologize the line up wait time was longer than normal for everyone between about 4pm-630pm on Saturday. While people were being processed as fast as possible, there were just not enough resources available to get people in fast enough. ...By 7pm it was fixed and running smoothly but there...
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    so there's going to be an outdoor EDM fest in TO this summer

    1. Runs Noon-Midnight daily. 2. Tickets will start at $79.50 for 2 days. 3. "The Flats" is the new name for the entire East Island of Ontario Place. This is the Island where there waterslides reside. Its massive. Cap is 20,000 people/day 4. ENtire island is festival licensed - means...
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    so there's going to be an outdoor EDM fest in TO this summer

    LOL - I vote for the young blonds!