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    Video cameras.....

    I went shopping for one today, and was disappointed to find that every one that had half-decent features was around a thousand bucks, and all very flimsy. The best I found was a Canon 1080i, and that didn't even impress me. I'm thinking, why pay that much when it's the same price for a used...
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    Help! Failure to boot.

    I think there's a hardware problem: -computer froze. ctrl+alt+del unresponsive. -MAY have something to do with something being dropped against the case, tapping it lightly. That happened before it froze. -I hit reset button. Here are the symptoms: 1. does NOT beep on power-up. 2...
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    undervalued synths

    I'm sick of using software. I think I could actually get something done with a piece of hardware. My wishlist goes something like "andromeda/virus/nordlead3", but I can't justify spending that kind of money So I'm looking for your opinions on some slightly older, used synths: Oberheim...
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    LF: Records...

    I've been out of the loop for the last few years, but now I'm really gaining an interest in music again. I'm collecing material to play a goa/acid trance/hard progressive sort of fusion, and I'm especially interested in older goa. If you plan to sell anything of this sort, please let me know...
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    can anyone recommend a good geek?

    A year after I put my computer together, it crashed. I fixed it.......... and it crashed again a month later. Then it sat dead for a while. Then I took it to future shop and it was fixed............. and a month later crashed again. then it sad dead the whole time I was working up...
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    Urgent tax question!!!

    Ok, I just recieved an invoice for a bunch of training I did, and they added GST and PST to the $400 of rent I paid to them for one month. The rent was quoted on their website at $400/month..........but the thing that's getting me is: is rent taxable? I've never paid GST and pst for an...
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    Fire Spinning!!!

    Anyone else into it? It's so much fun I cant put the damn things down! I made my first set of wire-wool poi last night.
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    The long forgotten sounds.....

    What originally got me into the whole underground scene was a certain sound I would hear on the radio or somewhere that just grabbed my attention, lulled me in, and made me flow along with its subtle niceties...... The sound is a deep, dark, mysterious form of trance. It is somewhat minimal...
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    ok so here's a tough one.....(tracklisting)

    My copy of the Therapist's "The joy of life" tape has passed away. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust....... Does anyone know the tracklist so I can start downloading? I miss that tape! Thanks!!!
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    Anything on the island???

    I'll be back and forth between Campbell River and Shawnigan Lake (near victoria) over the next 6 weeks or so. I'm leaving next week. Can anyone hook me up with any parties out there? Cheers! :)
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    Love hurts.

    When you know that there are no possibilities and you should just move on, but you just cant stop thinking about her...... It really, really SUCKS. :(
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    wishlists go here...

    What kind of gear are you all drooling over? What to you plan for future purchases?
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    I just got the new Liquid Neon Sky/Book of Eden vinyl in the mail. Absolutely incredible. I just filed it with my "best records of all time" pile. I wish I could find more goa like this, I love the older style. :)Dave alphastate~
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    Not bad at all!

    I went for a polar bear swim today. The water was 2 degrees. It didnt really feel that bad. I cannonballed in, and stayed in for a while. I've been colder before.
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    Underwater Hockey.

    Does anyone play? If not: Has anyone heard of it? I joined a team this week. It's tough! It's fun, too.
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    Audio Production question.....

    Does anyone here use Nuendo? I've had it on my computer for a while, and I havent integrated it yet. I'm finally starting to learn it, and I've run into a problem. I'm trying to set up a midi channel to control my Mercury-1 VST synth from my midi keyboard. In the help menu, it is telling...
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    Quick question (electronic related)

    Very Basic: Do resistances in add in series and divide in parallel, or is it the other way around?
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    How was it? I live in northern ontario, so I couldnt make it. I would have loved to have been there.
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    I need some help. I was talking with a friend about what kind of place to move into after I move out of residence this april. The idea came up that instead of renting, I take out a mortgage and buy a $20000-$30000 house (dont be alarmed, that'll buy you a decent place in sault ste. marie...
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    Hungry? This is the recipie thread.

    Here's a really good one, especially when consumed with a mighty beverage known as Aquavit: Gravlax – My Recipe I remember my mother making this once or twice but I didn’t try this as a kid. (my Loss). On a trip to Vancouver, I sampled some made by Amanda Vaha and fell in love with...