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    ~*...chasing the storm 2012/2013...*~

    jed anderson's full video part from transworld snowboarding 49280249 what are you riding this season? where are you riding this season? and just for a laugh, olympic gold medalist and all 'round <insert your definition here> shaun white got a bit too rowdy and found himself in trouble...
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    [[...might as well face it you're addikted to snow 2011/2012...]]

    well, i'm ridiculously stoked for this coming season as i know you are. the forecast is a repeat of last season's record breaking snowfall. no complaints from this department. bring on the snow. if you haven't already seen it, czech out the trailer for the new red bull media hd snowboard...
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    ~*...there is no i in team...*~

    1. what team sports do you play? 2. what is the name of your team and the story behind it? 3. post your team logo and/or team photo 4. what are the names of the teams you've played on before? 5. what is the funniest team name you've come across? 1. i play on an recreational ultimate...
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    [[...snow addiktz 2010/2011...]]

    don't know 'bout you catz out east, but its sure is feelin' a lot like winter 'round these parts *brrrr* here's hoping for a long season filled with big dumps and fresh lines for everyone, regardless of where you call home. here are the transworld snowboarding good wood winners for 2011...
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    ~*...would you still have sex with her?...*~

    let's say you were getting hot and heavy with a beautiful woman...but just before you two make naked pretzels together, she tells you that she used to be a man. would you still have sex with her? why or why not? if someone has had sexual reassignment surgery, do you feel they need to...
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    ~*...before i kick the bucket...*~

    before i kick the bucket, i'd like to go skydiving, go heliboarding and experience zero g. what's on your bucket list?
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    ~*...the L-ternative...*~

    saying i love you can sometimes lose its meaning the more its said. it can easily turn into an unimaginative greeting or farewell that demands the expected response i love you too. people fear dropping the L-bomb for an infinite number of reasons. i have friends who have a rule when saying...
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    [[...does anyone know first aid?...]]

    do you know cpr? are you certified to administer first aid? when was the last time you had to use your first aid knowledge to handle an emergency medical situation? i have no first aid knowledge, yet. i'm taking an intro to avalanche safety course, so i'm thinkin it would also be good...
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    ~*...81st annual academy awards...*~

    - NOMINATIONS BY CATEGORY - 81ST AWARDS - Performance by an actor in a leading role * Richard Jenkins in "The Visitor" (Overture Films) * Frank Langella in "Frost/Nixon" (Universal) * Sean Penn in "Milk" (Focus Features) * Brad Pitt in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"...
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    ~*...theme party ideas...*~

    come as you aren't dress up as something that you are not cross dress to impress self explanatory golf pros and tennis hoes the name says it all rubix cube everyone comes to the party wearing an item of clothing from each color of the rubix cube. during the party, everyone has to...
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    ~*...the atheist bus campaign...*~

    the world's third largest belief category is spreading the good news! follow atheist bus on twitter and facebook their original fundraising target of £5,500 was annihilated when they raised over £135,000. instead of the original 30 buses, the atheist bus campaign will now appear...
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    ~*...the best show of 2008...*~

    what was the best concert you went to in 2008 and why? i saw nashvhille pussy play at a bar called snatch in october. i had never heard any of their music so i didn't know what to expect. holy shit they rock the fuck out. redneck trucker rock and roll. with songs like hate and whiskey and...
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    俳句 i heart snowboarding shredding powder is the shit chixxx who ride are hawt
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    what do you wish to happen by the end of today? ...
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    a worldwide community-art project answering the simple question: "why do you do what you do?" the history of the wdydwyd? project instructions: 1. produce visual art that incorporates text in a creative way and answers the question “why do you do what you do?” (or you could just post a...
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    [[...snow addiktz 08/09...]]

    burton is live, so the gates are open to start praying for snow (and start gettin hyped for gear). here are some new innovations to look out for this season. very rarely is there a snowboard innovation that sends snowboarding leaps and bounds forward. it seems that the boys at mervin have...
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    ~*...new ways to create music...*~

    sometimes i come across links, articles, videos of music that was made with instruments that were born from the deepest parts of the imagination. on the rare occasion, i've had the pleasure of making music with such an instrument. i know many of you have also experienced new melodies and...
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    ~*...ten steps to heaven...help...*~

    dear tribe, i seek the cartoon Ten Steps to Heaven: How to Trip the Light Bulbtastic by superstar dj keoki. my efforts to find this cartoon through google have come up short. if anyone has this cartoon, please post a link here. thanks ~*...normaste...*~
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    ::: a lifetime of secrets :::

    The award-winning PostSecret project's most profound and stunning postcards to date For the past three years Frank Warren has invited people of all backgrounds and nationalities to send him creatively decorated postcards bearing secrets they have never before revealed. He has shared these...
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    ~*...what is NOT making you happy right now?...*~

    balance for the happy thread :( bitch, whine, complain, anything as long as it ain't happy. my newly hired coworker is useless. she doesn't even snowboard. what the fuck? how does someone who doesn't snowboard get a job working in a snowboard shop? her voice is also very annoying. i...