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    rap has always been about acquiring

    according to this scary quote from that most respected of hip hoppers, swollen members own Moka Only In the end what the mass appeal rappers think and do has no impact on the real heads and the crews staying true to the art form, hip hop split into bling and underground years ago and the...
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    de la and doom on carson daly

    Did a search, doesn't look like this 2 year old video has been posted, if so my bad sick!
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    Grilling Candidates

    Has anyone had a door visit by their local provincial candidates? I've now met 2, the incumbent NDP member just left and the Liberal candidate was here Sat These people just want to shake your hand, give you a pamphlet and move on but I like putting them on the spot and seeing how they respond...
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    Manifesto Festival this weekend

    Where's the love for Canadian hip hop? Alright I didn't know anything either until Denise Benson was supporting it on her 88.1 show Monday morning but it looks hot. Some club events, a couple of free outdoor sessions including a wicked looking finale at Nathan Phillips Square on Sunday with...
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    When was Common/Q-Tip at the Kool Haus announced?

    Just got this from REMG COMMON / Q-TIP MONDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2007 KOOL HAUS Doubt I'll make it after the Manifesto shows at Nathan Phillips Sunday afternoon/evening and then Premiere spinning at an afterparty at Mod Club but DAMN That's big news, why isn't there a buzz?
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    Just upgraded the RDRAM on my old Dell Dimension 8100 from 4 x 64 to 2 x used (from a 5 year old IBM server apparently)Samsung 512 800 Mhz ECC...what a change! I can run Movies, Itunes, a bit torrent and a soulseek client + multi paned Firefox at the same time, alt tab'ing back and forth with...
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    3rd Bass ->KMD->Zev Love X->Doom...Madvillainy!

    Hellz Yeah! Picked up a box of old stuff from moms basement otherwise it was getting tossed, among yearbooks, an early bowl(!), a golf glove etc I found my 3rd Bass Cactus Album tape, one of my first hip purchases, listening to Gas Face for the first time in a long time got me thinking about...
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    emoticons in the real world

    big fan of some of them on msg boards or chat but in work related emails? Drives me up the wall, it's unprofessional, inappropriate, overly familar. The trigger for this rant is just logged in to check work mail and was cc:d on a string originating from van after hours friday, it's...
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    working web surfers saved?

    could be the justification for browsing Tribe at work that we've all been looking for..."I swear boss, it's like I'm calling my mom!"
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    Harper being investigated by ethics commish over Emerson

    Interesting, I wonder if the commissioner read that plea to Liberal and NDP candidates...the Emerson situation is sketchy anyway, at least Belinda tried to be a tory, and she left over fundament disagreements with policy. Emerson left for a job (although a job I'm sure he'd be very good at) and...
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    Land Rover ads on Tribe?

    Ravers are definitely moving up in the world
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    Tech Support Drama

    I'm being bcc'd by both parties in an email war over vacations going between the 2 tech support staffers in our office...the funniest part is that they sit right next to each other...like RIGHT next to each other, the tension is palpable
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    Go Hugo Go!

    Not only is he anti Bush, he's anti-M$ Love this guy!!
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    for all you lovebirds

    how better to express your affection for your partner
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    Looking for track ID pls help

    Hey, I've got a track on my Ipod for which I have no idea who the artist is The track is called "People get ready to flow" kind of a mid 90's gino club beat behind it, great vocal that repeats "People get ready People get ready People get ready ready to flo-owww" Any help on...
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    a moral dilemma re: office giving

    So we're having a food drive at the office. For every bag of food you bring in the company will donate $50 to a food bank. This week I brought in 2 bags of food, put them in the box in the kitchen, felt good about my charitable nature for a few minutes and then went back to work. I get in...
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    Make'r a Laker

    There's a reason why this stuff is a buck a beer...cuz it's piss...nasty, disgusting Lake Ontario urine. I get to my grandfathers 84th bday dinner at moms tonight at the bday boy, my stepdad and two uncles are sitting around drinking this glorified homebrew and talking about how its better...
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    rescheduling interviews

    I have a job that I really like, but I'm starting to get concerned that the growth my small company experienced in my first year will not be repeated any time soon. Which means less bonus $$ for DS at a time when more $$ are what I'm looking for. For the last few months I've been in touch with...
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    Black Moon w/ Smif 'n Wessun at the guv?

    I heard about this on the mixtape massacre show yesterday but can't find jack about it on the guv website, REMG website, ckln website...any y'all got the 411? Common this month at the kool haus, that's koool.
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    gross out threads...the new sex threads?

    I used to read Tribe and have to run to the washroom to take care of Johnson. Now I'm going to foul the can with puke...what's going on here? The talk used to be of blowjobs, threesomes and girls kissing, now it's shitting pants, dogs crapping all over the house and drinks named after puss...