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  1. J

    Canon PowerShot SX30 for sale

    brand new, unused Canon PowerShot SX30 for sale $400 Thanks,
  2. J

    FS: suit and dress shirt, some ties too!

    FS: brand new grey suit from Tom's place for sale that would fit a 5'9-5'11 size guy about 170-190 pounds. pants have been hemmed but there is extra material if they need to be lengthened. This suit is a bit small on me so I havent worn it yet. $150 light blue cotton dress shirt, never...
  3. J

    G20 security reviewed after Ottawa bank firebombing

    clearly the person or person's who did this were no more than violent sociopaths with no connection be it real or imaginary to a left-wing anarchist group. ;) such groups bear no resemblance to the ideology of left wing movements which seek communal peace and equality much like right wing...
  4. J

    52" Toshiba massive TV excellent condition

    my parents are looking to unload their 10 year old massive 52" Toshiba TV, i dont know the specific brand but it was a high end one at the time, picture is great, its in great shape and way too huge to fit in my place, so if youd like to come by to pick it up, youd need a van/mini van...
  5. J

    anyone work for City Hall?

    need someone to direct some questions to for applying for a job at city hall. PM would be greatly appreciated thx.
  6. J

    old Citizen Kane track

    trying to find a remix track from Citizen Kane, its about 7 or 8 years old, mabey older, ive looked up and down for it, tough to describe the song but it was their first big hit, might have been on a rap essentials and a video with russell peters cracking jokes at the start. any help...
  7. J

    World Cup draw dec. 4th!

    looking for English fans to immediately declare their group the group of death along the lines of an unwinnable: England Moldovia Peru Tunisa or a dreaded: England Slovakia South Korea Solomon Islands
  8. J

    How testimony shapes public health policy

    interesting article from Psychology today about the role of individual testimony as an emotive approach to policy design: In America, personal testimony drives alcohol and health policy American health care policies are driven by personal testimony rather than by science. In the case of...
  9. J

    food and wine expo

    im uneasy about the food and wine expo this year $15 cover, 3-4 tickets per tasting of the better wines minimum. some interesting wines but it was waaaay to crowded and seemed to have more "food" and product displays than wine over the years. it is me or are most of the display servers...
  10. J

    FS: Suit and dress shirt

    Selling some more clothes that are too big for me, barely worn charcoal grey suit Jacket new black pants really nice blue shirt made w/ egyptian cotton. i love this but its just too big. 4 pairs of jeans and beige pants w/ 34" waist, in great condition. neck 17, pants about 35"...
  11. J

    tan leather couch for sale

    good friend of mine is moving out and is selling his leather couch, its in great condition and he is offering a fair price, please email him directly, thanks! 3 seater, modern leather couch with matching ottomon. Approx 6-6.5 feet in length and about 3.5 feet tall. $250...
  12. J

    Naomi Klein - The Race Question

    another banger from Naomi Klein, Obama's Big Silence: The Race Question By Naomi Klein - September 12th, 2009 Published in The Guardian Americans began the summer still celebrating the dawn of a "post-racial" era. They are ending it under no such illusion. The summer of 2009 was all...
  13. J

    Juan Cole on Iraq, interesting analysis

    juan cole has a great site w/ daily updates focusing on the mid-east, interesting review of Iraq situation which has fallen out of the headlines lately. Wednesday, September 02, 2009 On How all Hell hasn't Broken out in Iraq and the US Military doesn't Need to Stay there; or, Damn Lies...
  14. J

    The Myth Of Karl Rove

    The Myth Of Karl Rove by Jeremy Young | 8/30/2009 11:44:00 AM www.progressivehistorians.com "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." -- Kevin Spacey, The Usual Suspects The greatest trick Karl Rove ever pulled was convincing the world he...
  15. J

    dear dr. cosa: our love is at best, a fantasy bond.

    dear doctor, at best, your love for me is a fantasy bond, and ham-handed attempts to narcotize yourself by feigning closeness to me are shameful beyond belief.... .....never fall in love with the Webmaster of the Psychology Today website...
  16. J

    boozer, whino, lush and pinter altert!! new LCBO!!

    new LCBO at the corner of Spadina and King st. the sign was just put up.... gush......
  17. J

    Health Care Reform: american style

    i thought the health care issues in the US need a separate thread from a NC version, this is a post from one of the better medical-management blogs on the web about rationing of care, something that is a legit concern not just in the US but here in many ways: ______________ August...
  18. J

    Toronto to consider safe-injection sites

    parkdale and bloor/landsdowne areas under consideration. i think it would be a welcome addition to the city's services. Injection site for Toronto under study August 12, 2009 Megan Ogilvie Health Reporter Even as the future of Vancouver's controversial supervised drug injection...
  19. J

    is it worth getting baggy dress pants narrowed?

    i have 3 nice pairs of dress pants that are a touch too baggy but they other wise fit really well in the waist/seat. id like to get them made a bit more narrow without making them look tapered or messed up. some people say it always ends up looking tapered, others say a good tailor can...
  20. J

    FS: Italian Suits 44-R, barely worn

    20 pounds later and my suits dont fit me, would fit a guy about 5'11"-6' 190-210 pounds. 1. navy-blue suit (jacket and pants) 44-r ,worn about half a dozen times, perfect shape. bought in italy, wool, pretty standard suit. 2. brown jacket, a very dark burberry kind of pattern, or...