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    Has anyone heard of local t.o group cryogenic's?? A guy was selling cd's this wkd on Queen and i bought a copy...but their website doesn't work. does anyone know the correct address? The CD is disgustingly good but they're not signed to anything yet...i wouldn't believe they were even a...
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    Easy Computer Question

    having a stupid problem with my computer...that I can't log in to any sites that require password (actually, except for tribe)...hotmail won't work, my online banking won't work...i'm thinking it has something to do with a firewall or security settings but haven't figured it out...
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    Marking track's on full mixes?

    If anyone can give some tips on how to mark tracks on full length mixes without the split second gap it would be greatly appreciated. I currently have an MP3 splitter and am recording with Nero...set to DAO...but still am getting a noticeable break between tracks. is there a program that...
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    Best place to buy software online?

    Want to get ReBirth online and was wondering where the cheapest but most secure place was to find it... Anyone know?
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    Favourite local DJ outside of Toronto

    ...just curious....and bored...all genres considered, who are your favourite local dj's OTHER than Toronto dj's...ie London, Kitchener, Hamilton, Ottawa....
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    What spots are good in London?

    The last couple times we've gone down we've went to Mecury Lounge...and are going there again tonight... Lush was rad when it was open...but other than Mecury Lounge what is open anymore? as far as beats...not just Jim Bob's etc....
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    Speed @ Purple Room, May 11th

    Wicked, wicked night...Pegleg and Myke Mitchell in the purple room tore it up... I thought pegleg ripped it, solid mixing, great flow, fucking loved hearing him play in there and hope he's back soon... MM played pretty good after, but was pretty tired from Pegleg's set... I love how...
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    Diverse Rythyms @ Purple Room, Apr 12th

    Little late on the review... Kid Kinetik started the night off with a bang, but I wish there would have been more ppl there early on to witness it...I think I would have rather seen him on from 1-3... Alicia Hush and Brook Macintosh played great during the middle of the night...BM played...
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    Buttascotch @ Felicity's

    No one will likely write back to this...but i must....
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    Posting a pic question

    its been too long and I forget... is it ....or the other way around, with slash in front? thanks in advance
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    Buttascotch @ Felicity's

    Not sure if anyone else was there from Tribe, didn't see anyone...which is too bad...the night rocked. Supposedly the owner said it had been the most ppl there in 6 months, def the most I've seen at Felicity's in a long time. Pegleg played a hard funky house set, including opening with a Bob...
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    Derrick May, Ken Ishii @ Aria

    First of all, Ken Ishii never showed...which was pretty shitty since he was the main reason we went to Aria instead of going to see Hardcell. It was my first time seeing Derrick May live, and honestly I wasn't impressed at all. I though he played a fairly boring set, he had a couple tracks that...
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    Richie Hawtin @ Sona

    First time hearing Richie live...def. impressed...extremely hard set. I'm not sure what he had up with him, i've seen pictures of some of his set-ups, and with the video display of the booth, it didn't seem like there was much there except for a labtop...although it sounded like he had an...
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    Marco Carola @ Life

    What an amazing night...fuck, carola was sick, absolute tight mixing, wicked track selection, had the crowd hyped for all four hours of his set. The crowd was pretty cool too...all in all a good night...
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    Dj Mea rocked my world!!!!!

    haha, first one up...honestly tonight fuckin rocked!! my disrespect has to honestly go out to the kitchener scene, cause the place was fairly dead. But Mea seriously played the best set i've heard in a really, really long time... she even came out during one of her tracks and fucking DANCED...