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  1. Geosphere

    Connect with me at: www.djgeosphere.com www.facebook.com/adamgeosphere www.mixcloud.com/djgeosphere

    Connect with me at: www.djgeosphere.com www.facebook.com/adamgeosphere www.mixcloud.com/djgeosphere
  2. Geosphere

    the mixes thread

    Some of my dj & live-pa music here. (scroll down for some more ambient style stuff) http://www.terminus1525.ca/node/40089
  3. Geosphere

    Chromatic Beats

    if you like techno....see you then :)
  4. Geosphere

    Chromatic Beats

    -feb 11 CHROMATIC BEATS: smooth sunday sounds from hard techno heads. djs: Honeey Mustard www.honeeymustard.com & Geosphere www.djgeosphere.com deep minimal tribal pounding pure techno music! 607 - 11th Ave SW. Calgary doors9pm/no cover/18+ID www.amsterdamrhino.com
  5. Geosphere

    I Love Techno

    -feb 2 MusicFirst presents: I LOVE TECHNO DJs: Tropism Arlen Anx Allais - Chris b & Damian Bitchin' - Mama Miche & Kenize Clarke Greg Saint Nieghbour Emmett H-brink Geosphere B-side Scottie d tickets @ weeds, giant 45, grassroots, and by hand / first 300 $5. $10...
  6. Geosphere

    Geosphere's TEKNO LUV

    "Tekno Luv" http://www.terminus1525.ca/node/40023 experiments in tekno music. created by Geosphere. oct 2006.
  7. Geosphere

    Blip 10.26.06

    October 26 BLIP presents Calgary's finest minimal audio artists: dj O-EASE: glitchy spooky ambient with: J-KING (live on the guitar) dj GEOSPHERE: ghost dancing micro house, www.djgeosphere.com with: VI AN (live on the guzheng) dj HONEEY MUSTARD: freaky haunted minimal tekno...
  8. Geosphere

    Redlight Sessions Aug 25 @ Amsterdam Rhino

    AUG 25 2006 REDLIGHT SESSIONS presents... DJs: D-FRESH, JAY MEYER -funky progressive electro house- & back from Shambhala Music Festival: DJ GEOSPHERE -life love'n beats & shambhalic hippy house- 18+ID, DOORS 9pm, NO COVER, GOOD DRINKS & GOOD VIBES. @ AMSTERDAM RHINO: 607 11th ave...
  9. Geosphere

    Ambient Gathering

    April 29th CAAAS presents SKY COUNTRY with some of Calgary's finest Ambient, Down-Tempo & Minimal audio artists. For more info please visit the "Calgary" room under 'cities' -PLUR-
  10. Geosphere

    Ticon Live !!!! Calgary

    Yes...TICON. APRIL 21st 2006. On their only CANADAIN stop as they tour the globe! For more info pls visit the Calgary room.......or my website. PLUR!
  11. Geosphere


    April 21st, 2006 ThirdEye Productions, Area709 & seed of life present: PSY:PHI featuring TICON http://www.ticonmusic.com (Digital Structures - Sweden) - Progressive Psytrance live PA MAIN ROOM with : Sons of Aurora - Progressive Psytrance(709) Wes Straub - Morning Trance (709)...
  12. Geosphere

    vintage ambient

    Seed Of Life Aside from playing harder more progressive stuff as an independant DJ at parties, Im also affiliated with a local collectiave here in Calgary called 'SEED OF LIFE' We host chill-rooms & ambient, down-tempo environments at events around Western Canada.
  13. Geosphere

    vintage ambient

    for a sample mix of some vintage ambient, visit my website technics1200 www.djgeosphere.com
  14. Geosphere


    Calgary Aboriginal Arts Awareness Society Invites you up into an audio wonderland. SKY COUNTRY with some of Calgary's Finest Ambient Downtempo Minimal Audio Artists: BYRONDREAMWEAVER -seed of life, 709- www.byrondreamweaver.com HONEEY MUSTARD (live PA) www.honeeymustard.com DJ...
  15. Geosphere

    love bc.

    Hello. Im a calgary based DJ looking to play more parties in B.C My styles include; Techno, House, Trance & Ambient music. PLUR
  16. Geosphere

    sask scene

    Calgary based DJ looking to play out more. techno, house, trance & ambient info @ www.djgeosphere.com