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    Cass @ Breathe !!!!

    Cass completely rocked the discotech!!! It was 3 hours of tripped-out funky breakbeat and slamming 4/4 progressive beats that put Cass in the running with Steve Lawler and Oliver Lieb for the "Set of the Year" title here in Toronto. The Quivver remix of "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" by The...
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    Steve Lawler at System

    Steve Lawler played the most mind-bendingly dark and tribal set I have ever heard. Like Crouse said...Sasha & Digweed are/were two of my favourite Djs but now I have a new one. Steve Lawler's set was easily the best set I've heard this year of all the progressive DJs who've played Toronto. 3 1/2...
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    Sister Bliss RAWKED!!!

    Okay...um...lemme see...yeah...she played 2:00am - 4:00am and she blew the crowd at System away. She dropped 3 new acetates...one of her new track...one of the new Faithless track...a brand new remix of a classic Rollo track...plus about a dozen white-labels. That's cutting edge music. The crowd...