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    Moving out of country, need to sell my bike - 2004 Large Kona Stinky & Helmet/gear

    The first of many things I need to sell.... Posted on pinkbike with pictures - **NEED TO SELL** 2004 Large Kona Stinky & Helmet/Gear - Pinkbike.com MOVING TO AUSTRALIA..... NEED TO SELL!!! My problem is your gain. I'm moving to Australia in January and have to get rid of my Bike & Gear. I...
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    The Documentary Thread

    I loved Rise Up when I saw it a couple years ago at hotdocs
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    Wedding bands

    Sugga - they're the house band at Joe Mamma's on King. was at a wedding last weekend and they kept the dance floor packed.
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    Track I.D. - based on a dodgy lyric

    Such a great track.... I like the DJ Premier remix - YouTube - Rise - The Wickedest Flow [DJ Premier Remix]
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    2009's best albums?

    here's a couple of my favorites this year:
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    Sandy Kennedy note pads... that's so true, my mom has those at her house. Bramalea City center alumi right here, I rocked Mr. Sub for 4 years in the 90's... but now it's been taken over by Subway.
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    @ work on Canada Day

    same here.. out of here in 10 mins... then only 1 day to go till the long weekend.
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    Anyone been to a Yankee game?

    I'm headed to NYC this weekend, and I got tickets for the Yankee's game on Saturday against the Blue Jays. I was thinking of wearing my Jays jersey, but I've heard a couple stories about the fans at Yankee stadium not being very accommodating to other fans (watched a couple youtube video's of...
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    Calling all Runners

    it's a really good course, I ran it 2 years ago... nice and flat. I thought it was a great mid-training race, to warm up for a longer fall race... i'll be back running it this year again.
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    For Sale: Scooter

    well played...
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    Some one stole my Scooter!!

    Nope, you're not wrong. The coverage was ridiculous so i didn't get it... so I'm out of luck.. all I can hope it that the people were dumb and take it to the bike shop I go to... it had a 70cc kit on it, so i think it may be the only one like it around... so it looks a little different than the...
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    Some one stole my Scooter!!

    So I go to leave for work this morning, and I notice my scooter is gone from in front of my house... I'm fucking pissed!!! I had it locked up to a bike post, and I'm guessing they some how cut or smashed my lock. I looked around, and they didn't leave anything on the ground... no evidence...
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    The Cereal thread

    just as it sounds... a big box filled with 24 boxes of sweet cherrio goodness... he would get them when he worked at the factory in rexdale back in the day... when it was still there.
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    The Cereal thread

    damn straight, some times i'll grab honey nut just to mix it up. My dad work at general mills when I was a kid, he use to come home with 24's of cherrios... it was awesome. I ate cereal all the time...
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    Canada loses 129,000 jobs in January: StatsCan

    Mine to... and at an extremely fast rate as well...
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    DJ Mez steals mixer...Dan kicks hm out of rave scene, we all laugh...

    yep... here's his latest mix - http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=151937 this thread is amazing, and will only get better...
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    Maxwell's Clothiers: Suits & Shirts

    9-6 if i remember correctly. I got there around 5:30 and they were getting ready to close by the time i picked all my materials and got measured. I just rocked the suit I got the other day, and it's awesome.... i'm going back in march to get another one.
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    Black Milk

    been listening to a whole bunch of his stuff... his production is tight, his rhymes are great,, and the best part, his collaborations are actually amazing too. Can't wait for the new album... and i just saw he's here in october sometime... anyone else feeling him?
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    Virgin Music Festival 2008

    The kooks were amazing again... they should have been on the main stage. Also electric touch were a great surprise in the molson VIP tent, they rocked out!!!