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    17 Years later-Still going-Tunes?

    WoW, 17 years later and i remembered my log in. After taking a long long break from partying i realize i still love dancing and have been jamming at some DnB parties in Kitchener Guelph area. I would really really really love to dance to some good house or break. Does anyone know any good...
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    DJ Czech break drugs and rock and roll

    If anyone has this set can they please send it to me Prostarra@ hotmail.com Would be extremely appreciated!!
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    could someone recommend some all time classic sets?

    getting back into the trance flavor a little after many many years, looking for some of those top all time sets. for example, dj tiesto trance energy 2000 any tips are good thanks!
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    MaKiN BeAtS? Samples?

    so im just starting to mess around with sony acid pro, starting to figure it out slowly. But im having a hard time finding good samples. Anyone know any good sites to get them from, or have any cds with samples for sale (or for free), or have any advice about making beats? any help would...
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    best online record stores?

    are there any other good ones besides chemical and dance records?? if there are, i would love to know them thanks
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    funky house labels?

    Can anyone throw me some labels of some good hard funky house producers, along the lines of beat freakers, dan, and all those other good house djs? having trouble finding good tracks thanks!
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    Turn tables for sale..............

    the Stanton str8 100s 2 of dem Digital Features: Key Adjust (Change the speed without changing the key) Digital output [S P/DIF] (Plug straight into MAC/PC or CD-R) Selectable phono or line output (Plug straight into a board with no phono in) 3.5mm line input (plug portable players into...
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    where do you shop online for breaks records?

    so whats the best place, im new to online shopping?