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    Moving out of country, need to sell my bike - 2004 Large Kona Stinky & Helmet/gear

    The first of many things I need to sell.... Posted on pinkbike with pictures - **NEED TO SELL** 2004 Large Kona Stinky & Helmet/Gear - Pinkbike.com MOVING TO AUSTRALIA..... NEED TO SELL!!! My problem is your gain. I'm moving to Australia in January and have to get rid of my Bike & Gear. I...
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    2009's best albums?

    here's a couple of my favorites this year:
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    Anyone been to a Yankee game?

    I'm headed to NYC this weekend, and I got tickets for the Yankee's game on Saturday against the Blue Jays. I was thinking of wearing my Jays jersey, but I've heard a couple stories about the fans at Yankee stadium not being very accommodating to other fans (watched a couple youtube video's of...
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    Some one stole my Scooter!!

    So I go to leave for work this morning, and I notice my scooter is gone from in front of my house... I'm fucking pissed!!! I had it locked up to a bike post, and I'm guessing they some how cut or smashed my lock. I looked around, and they didn't leave anything on the ground... no evidence...
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    Black Milk

    been listening to a whole bunch of his stuff... his production is tight, his rhymes are great,, and the best part, his collaborations are actually amazing too. Can't wait for the new album... and i just saw he's here in october sometime... anyone else feeling him?
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    Where to go with a co-worker from out of town?

    So I have a co-worker from Atlanta coming to town this week, and he wants to party. He says he's heard so much about how Toronto is a great party place, and he want to go out and check it out. The only problem is he's only here Wednesday & Thursday night, and I never go out on these...
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    HBO's In Treatment

    Anyone check this new show out yet? It's on demand. I think the concept is great, and the acting has been amazing from the episodes I've seen. A couple of the episodes I watched were pretty intense... I haven't had time to watch every episode, so I've been following Monday (the patient in...
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    Favorite albums of 07?

    here's a couple of mine:
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    Three Days Grace Trade - Your Thursday night Tickets for My Friday Night Tickets

    Hoping tribe can help me out… So my friend really likes three days grace, and I told her I would go to there show in January. She got tickets for the Friday January 18th show, but I'm leaving at 6am the next day to go see my son. I just found out the added a 2nd show for the night before, and...
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    if it worked for kanye... maybe it can make me money too!!!

    Will.i.am trying to do the samething kanye just did... brutal in my opinion. http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1213929063
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    Questions about Molson's Queens of the Stone age secret show tonight

    did anyone here get tickets? if so, does anyone know what time the show starts? i heard there on at 8, but that wasn't from a very reliable source. anyone know?
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    I don't know what to do, so i'll ask tribe for advice...

    So my work offered me a job in Chicago, and I don't know weather to take it or not. My boss gave me a 2 week window to tell her if I want it, or if I want to stay in TO. The only reason I'm considering it, is because my son lives in the states (Nebraska) and this could be my ticket to getting...
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    FS - Ben Folds tickets for tonight

    I have tickets to the Ben Folds concert tonight at the Kool Haus. Price on the tickets are $32.50 plus service charge. I am selling them for $30 each. I am downtown near st. clair west station. email ericdemille at yahoo dot com if you want them. cheers, ed
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    oh snap... where did you come from...

    so i'm going out with a lady tomorrow night, and i just got this nasty pimple on my fore head... it looks horrible!!! does anyone know of anything that might help me hide it... is there any sort of concealer for men? anything that might help me out would be great.... thanks in advance...
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    Free Skillz mixtape download

    If you like skillz... here he is over all of timberlands beats... http://www.sendspace.com/file/vdpt9q ed
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    Luda remixed

    Luda's latest remixed by JJ Brown.... he use only Jackson 5 samples for the beats.... sweet beats.... http://www.5gproductions.com/re-releasetherapy/download_re-releasetherapy.html ed
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    Piano man - timbo's reponse

    here's the reponse to scott storch's dis-track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggEDhRiaBkI
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    Girl problem - any advice would help!!!

    So i met this girl at the begining of january, and we started talking and getting to know each other... every night basically we'd chat on MSN and shit. Both of us were really busy so we never really found time to go out.... around the begining of febuary our schedules started to match, so we...
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    there a production group from germany.... there new album has a nice line up of guests... here's the track listing... it's not a bad listen... 1. Heads Or Tails feat. Chief Kamachi, Jus Allah - 2. Who What When Where feat. Celph Titled, Majik Most - 3. Never - 4. Gunz feat. Jus Allah, ...
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    free download - little brother's new mix CD

    New Mick Boggie & Little Brother Mix CD - And Justice for All... Free download at http://www.hallofjustus.com/ check it....