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    DAFT PUNK (1997) | LIVE PA

    ....due to an overwhelming response to this, I've decided to devote an entire thread to this KILLER PA :eek: (for those of u on slsk, please feel free to add me to your user list...)...
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    hey trev, can u spare some space?

    this time: i think u'll agree it's for a worthy cause.... :p ;)
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    another question from the techno(ology) peasant...

    I can understand why trevor might not be so inclined to help a sista out :p but I was hoping that at least ONE of the techno geeks out there t-audio might be motivated to assist me... ;) I recently acquired a 3 hour set by heiko laux from about a year and ½ ago @ the "5 days off" festival in...
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    detroit techno/chicago house tonight @ MONO

    $5 for a sweeeeeeeeet line-up :D full details here <<<< looking forward to another fine MONO event: yay!! :) where the ladies are always seXXXy :eek:
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    Attention: techno nerds (I desperately need your help!!!)

    I've been *trying* to play "the exhibitionist" through the DVD player in my PC, but for some reason, I CAN'T GET ANY FUCKING SOUND :( (yes, the speakers are plugged in and turned on/the volume is ^up^...) :p any suggestions/comments/ideas?!?!? thanks in advance, technology peasant
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    April 16: they don't suck...

    info here unfortunately, I won't be able to make it after all :( It will definitely be a fun night (plus it's free!)... what more could you ask for? :)
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    Attention: JGirlP

    clean out your PM's doll: i'm trying to send you my bio.... :p
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    happy fucking easter

    :D "I have a pain in my ass" ...... "what?"
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    enough with the DRAMA already

    I'm starting an anti-drama club: who's with me?!?!? <<< (exhausted from dealing with self-absorbed ppl and their petty, frivolous drama) ...and to them I say: "check your ego @ the door b/c your useless and trivial bullshit is a waste of my time... get back to me when you have real...
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    who's up for some st. paddy's day mischief?!?

    ...with some kick ass beatz of course!! :D tonight @ NASA music provided by: tom kuo (task) gerald (matrix) shamus (humanjava) who's with me?? (no excuses: it's FREE!) :p