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    Me thinks this post Belongs with this post Been doing a few lunches at Queen and Beaver lately. Great selection of non-LCBO beers. As much as I like to think ordering a cask beer is authentic, I just don't enjoy it as much. It's Wellington Bitter currently. The Black Katt stout...
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    I've always found Glenmorangie to be one of the milder scotches. Not very deep or complex as a Lagavulin, but as my neighbour put it, "a good morning scotch." Had the experience of ordering Macallan 30 year old at Jacob's last week. It was on someone's company dime, so I ordered 5 at the end of...
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    a close shave

    Tried it and you're right. As good a shave as other oil based ones. I'm assuming we've all seen this. ZUG9qYTJMsI
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    DC Universe... oh my god it's free!!!

    Yes, hated that level fighting him as the boss. At least they kept his character true in the game, total loser. Plus that stupid Trident you have to defeat WTF? I should be online tomorrow night to play, hopefully.
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    DC Universe... oh my god it's free!!!

    It's all I'm playing right now. Lobo, are you on PS3? If so, add me: aeriuszension I'm at level 22 I think. I'm prolly going to buy a DLC pack to see if I can unlock some stuff. Some of these missions are way too tough to go at it alone.
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    Media Streaming Thread

    Bell roped you in. They're aware of cord cutters and are working hard to keep people (for a change, compared to getting new customers). I never did end up getting a media streaming device, as HIG said, the PS3 can do it, although buggy at times. I haven't had much difficulty lately, except...
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    Tribe 3rd Year H2H Dynasty Pool

    Trade deadline coming up March 8th. Suffice to say, even one trade will be more interesting than the NHL trade deadline a few days ago.
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    Rogers HD/PVR receiver

    Thanks for that. There's actually a new media streaming device that will record OTA Live TV to a HDD, like a PVR. It was announced at CES.
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    Privacy & Data Retention - question for Alex D...

    The rule with social media, never post something you wouldn't want your mom to see. edit: and just like that, I edited and deleted my funny second sentence out of fear.
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    Nike Dri-Fit green camouflage jersey size M

    Selling stuff you bought but never wore, but wore it once. Crystal clear!
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    I think I'm going to join the bourbon train. Had my first Old Fashioned over the summer and was in love with mixing drinks again.
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    Canada Goose / Douche now American Goose / Douche

    Beware the knock offs, cause not all are $600 jackets How to spot a fake Canada Goose coat | CanadianBusiness.com Also, interesting article on the company itself Canada Goose clothing manufacturer fights counterfeiters | CanadianBusiness.com
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    Too bad, outside of the blue's price, it was a decent whiskey by JW.
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    Media Streaming Thread

    Is the storage NTFS, or FAT32? Can you automatically backup to the storage, or do it manually? I'm leaning to the non-storage device. I thought storage was FAT32, I think, so it'd be useless with a PC.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2011/2012

    The consensus if fire Wilson, or the BBJ non-sensus is fire Wilson?
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    Dlink DIR 655 Wireless router....

    Bit of an old thread, but my DIR-655 is losing the internet signal a couple times a week. My ISP said it's most likely the router, because when I attach the modem to my computer, signal is fine. Can having the router under my TV next to a PS3 and Rogers PVR cause any interference? It's not...
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    HDTV buying help

    I've got the KDLEX720 and it is a great TV. Considered the EX620, but didn't get as good reviews. Check CNET and PCMag for reviews on the TV's you're looking at. Personally, at that range I'd look at Samsung and Sharp as well. Might both have LED's in that range.
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    DC Universe... oh my god it's free!!!

    Sorry Mod One, I was just exiting the game the other night.
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    Sometimes you have to delete the Netflix app, then re-install. That's what I had to do with Hulu. Seems to be related to PS3 updates. If you'd got a smart TV or internet TV, I don't think you'll have this problem though.
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    Man, I'm not giving this game enough time. DCU is taking my little free time. Same for other folks with Skyrim. Bad timing, I'd really like to give the MP a real solid go.