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    Burton Custom 167W with Cartel EST Bindings

    Hey Shredder Kids, I have last years set-up for sale and you can check out the details by clicking here: '09 Burton Custom 167W (ICS) - '09 Cartel Bindings EST Craigslist price is $500 but I am flexible, open to trades and bartering. PM or email ihaze3@gmail.calm
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    Hip Hop Statistics

    Remember that email that went around with the dumb hip hop statistics? I have a faint memory of it and need to locate it on the web. So far my search has come up empty so I come to you Tribe.
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    Dentistry Abroad

    Has anyone travelled abroad for cheap dentistry work? I have complicated oral surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth that I need to take care of and my work benefits covers only a fraction of the cost. For the money you spend here you can get a trip and dental work completed elsewhere. Vietnam...
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    LF: Sant0gold Tickets

    I need 4 tickets! Whos gottem? I need'em! I.
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    Anyone know of any retailers that sell bobbleheads in the city? Preferably a baseball themed one? I.
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    Friday TRIBE Mystery v2.0: Techno, Circa Ballroom, Last Summer

    Brain is going to explode trying figure out what german live PA came through on a weekday last summer at the CIRCA ballroom. Can we get some answers? Your help is greatly appreciated. I.
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    I'm on a boat ... a MuthaF$@#$@% House Boat

    Hey Kids, I am planning a stag adventure for a good friend of mine and we are looking to book a couple of house boats on the trent sevrn waterway and was wondering if anyone has had any experience doing this? Is there anything I should look into or be cautious of when booking these boats...
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    Men's Suit

    Does anyone have any reccomendations for a place where I can get a quality suit at a decent price? I'm not talking Moores or International Clothiers. I'm tall and looking for more of a slim fit. Mofo what is happening in the world of suits? I.
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    Artist Workers Permit

    I'm assuming that a visual artist and Musician/DJ/Performer would need to go through the same process for work permits when entering Canada. Does anyone have info or links to the easiest way to apply and obtain a permit? Is this a lenghty process? Any tips and tricks or agencies to use...
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    Nyc Nyc Nyc

    Heading out to NYC for the long weekend to catch the Jays at Yankee Stadium and was wondering if anyone had any word on what else is happening in the big apple for the weekend?
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    URGENT: French Translator

    Is anyone here bilingual and want to make some extra cash today? I need some copy translated for a website immediately and can pay cash for your services. PM me for more details. I.
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    Urgent: Looking for a HTML programmer

    Hey Tribe, I'm looking for a HTML programmer to do the front end programming for a website. This job can be paid out in cash and will require a quick turnaround. PM me for more details. I.
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    Jazz Establishments

    Can anyone recommend a Jazz Resto Lounge type of place? Something with decent food that has live music? I've been to the Reservoir lounge for drinks but never ate there. Maybe soemthing a bit more upscale then The Rex. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Ripping music from a DVD

    I have a DVD that has some great music and mixing and was wondering if there was an easy way of grabbing the music from the DVD to create an MP3 file? My equipment is limited in the sense that I don't have a mixer and ideally would love to do this via free software. Any help is greatly...
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    Canadas Wonderland Fright Night

    Has anyone checked out Canadas Wonderland for the Haunted Fright Night they are hosting? Is it worth the $30?
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    Pony Rentals

    Does anyone know where I can rent a Shetland Pony for 4 hours? It's my sisters bday and I want to suprise her by placing a pony in her cubicle at work. Already got approval from the executive team... Tried the Yellowpages and google. Any assitance is greatly appreciated. i!
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    Madlib-PBW-J Rocc-Percee P

    My sources say coming soon (December 1) to an Opera House near you...
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    Talib @ The Phoenix - Tonight - Aug 30th

    Anyone checking out Talib tonight? Loving the new Eardrum album and cant wait to see him in a more intimate venue like the Phoenix. Last time I saw him in TO he was opening for the Beasties at the ACC.
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    Verizon->Telus is it possible?

    I tried searching for a relevant cell phone thread to post this to but had no luck. Does anyone know if you can take a Verizon CDMA (BB 8830) phone and hook it up to the Telus CDMA network? Any info is greatly appreciated. I.
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    One Lonely Beastie I Be!

    The Beeeeatsie Boys They Are They're Comin' Home They're Comin' Home They're Comin' Home Oh They're Comin' Home TIme for livin' kids on September 21st at the ACC. I.