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  1. KickIT

    RIP: Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries)

    Dead at age 46 :(
  2. KickIT

    The Star Trek Discussion

    Shocked to see there's never been a thread about one of the most storied franchises in TV/Movie history. In any event, while watching Discovery last night I was happy to hear they've introduced swearing into this series. Couldn't believe I heard fuck and shit in a Star Trek episode.
  3. KickIT

    Monanto - Bayer Merger

    Surprised (but not surprised) this isn't receiving much press. Why Bayer's massive deal to buy Monsanto is so worrisome - Vox Looks to be a trend of world wide consolidation of agribusiness companies being bought by chemical companies. These super companies will have super uber lobbying...
  4. KickIT

    Blackberry's Secure BBM Not So Secure

    For years Blackberry's been working with law enforcement and will give up your private conversations for a mere warrant that any corrupt judge can grant. Positive BB sold their soul to the device to get some much needed government contracts. Don't know who else would use their services now...
  5. KickIT

    Blue Jays 2016

    So AA is leaving...
  6. KickIT

    Who Will Win the Music Streaming War?

    Who do you use? Apple Music Google Music Tidal Spotify Rdio Songza SoundCloud I use Spotify Premium but gotta say I like Apple's integration with my current music library. Think I'll be switching to Apple Music after the 3 month trial is over. Which do you use? And which...
  7. KickIT

    Richard Branson on Talli Osborne

    Pretty amazing story. I'm sure most of you have either seen her around at parties (especially old breaks parties) or know her personally. What is beauty? - Virgin.com
  8. KickIT

    RIP Spock

    Leonard Nimoy dead at age 83. Live Long and Prosper
  9. KickIT

    Sony Hack: North Korea 1 - Freedom 0

    Clearly North Korea is behind making Sony crumble to its knees and forcing the cancellation of a $40M movie. PS this photo is prime MEME material...
  10. KickIT

    Gunman At Parliament Hill

    Shot a man at the Canadian War Museum, now inside the building at Parliament Hill with a long shotgun...
  11. KickIT

    Sex with Bears Can Win You Governor General's Award

    Too funny... read the excerpt WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, CANADA? - Imgur
  12. KickIT

    2014-2015 NBA/Raps Thread

    Big draft this Thursday. And in other news, Lebron will exercise his early opt out clause. The Decision II brought to you by Vitamin Water coming soon.
  13. KickIT

    What's with all the mass stabbings?

    Stabbing attacks in China, Pittsburgh, Toronto and now this? What's with people raging out and mass stabbing people? Five young people dead after violence at university house party in Calgary
  14. KickIT

    2013 NBA/Raps Thread

    Getting this thread started. The good news: Toronto to host the 2016 All Star game! The bad news: Raps will suck which could lead to potential good news in 2014.
  15. KickIT

    New Head of MLSE

    Interesting news. I like his background. MLSE hires Leiweke as new president/CEO - Sportsnet.ca
  16. KickIT

    Teachers: What to do when you can't get on a school board

    My wife got her masters in education 6 years ago and has 5 years experience teaching at a private learning center. Yet, even with this experience she can't even get an interview on a school board. She wants to become a teacher so bad but the reality is sinking in that she may never get on a...
  17. KickIT

    VOIP Solutions

    Looking at various home VOIP solutions. What setups do you guys have? Service? Phone adapater? VOIP phones? I'm looking at voip.ms which looks pretty good but trying to figure out what hardware to get. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  18. KickIT

    Innocence of Muslims

    Sad how a shit movie, made under false pretenses by a bunch of religious quacks and clearly made to incite hate has caused so much turmoil and death. Does this movie fall under freedom of expression and is it worth the cost of lives to protect that freedom?
  19. KickIT

    Make Your Own Shell Ad

    Too funny... they obviously don't moderate their content :) Let's Go Public! Ad Contest Gallery | Shell
  20. KickIT

    Anyone try to go on EI lately?

    I got laid off in December and have been trying to get EI. I'm registered with a Service Canada account but for some reason I need to call in, except I've been trying for the past 2 week and all I get is an automated message saying they're too busy and can't transfer my call and hang up...