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    Media Streaming Thread

    Decided to create one, as there isn't a definitive option out there. Since I recently set up my PS3 to stream all my media from the computer using PS3 Media Server, it's simplified dumping things onto a USB key, or burning DVD's. Plus, it's given me the option to stream bluray files. The process...
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    Congrats Toronto Rock, Toront's only #winning team

    Goalie Bob Watson leads Toronto Rock to lacrosse title - thestar.com Don't follow lacrosse, but respect the sport. Glad to see one franchise doesn't settle for mediocrity.
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    FS - Iphone 16gb 3G white

    I've put this ad on Kijiji for a higher price, so special for Tribers. Recently got an Iphone from work and am selling my 16 gb white iPhone 3G. Phone is locked to rogers network. Actual phone is bought from oct 2009. Condition is 9/10. Has been in a case since day one, however, I used...
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    RIP Nexus One

    Link Despite coming in second in ReadWriteWeb's 2010 Best of the Web poll, the sales numbers for Google's Nexus One were dismal. In the same amount of time it took Apple to sell 1 million iPhones, Google only sold 135,000 of the Android-powered Nexus. Now, Google is discontinuing the Nexus...
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    Buying / Importing a used US vehicle to Canada

    Lots of threads on buying a used vehicle, but nothing on buying one from the States and importing it to Canada. Wondering if anyone here has any experience on this. I'm Googling it now, but I'm looking for a personal experience as opposed to a gov't website. The info I'm reading is spotty at...
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    2009-2010 Pittsburgh Penguins

    Alright Tobywan, you had your chance. Their season starts tomorrow. Some blogists are saying its more likely Detroit will return to the Cup final this year than Pittsburgh. They won the cup, what more do they have to prove? Winning it twice in a row? Interested to see how Goligoski will...
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    FST: 10 things you didn't know about orgasm

    A little early for Friday, but this video makes it worth it. Perhaps NSFW, perhaps SFW. It's a talk given by author Mary Roach. I'll say nothing more, just watch it. baconpanbaconpanbaconpan:D http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/mary_roach_10_things_you_didn_t_know_about_orgasm.html
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    Video converter for iphone

    Quick question. If the iphone plays mp4's, what program can I use to convert avi's or mpg's into mp4's? Does dBpowerAMP do that?
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    Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job

    Found this thru a Digg link. I got my current job thru Facebook, though it was the old format when groups were better populated. There's a lot of sites on this list I haven't heard of and thought this might be useful for job seekers...
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    Data Recovery Help

    So, 1 DVD into doing a backup my new 500 GB HDD died. It's not recognised by Windows Explorer, Disk Management, or in the bios screen either. Does anyone have any recommendations of local 3rd party shops that perform this service at the consumer level? Or does anyone know of software that I...
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    LF: Graphic Designer for wedding photos post-production

    I have a co-worker who got married a few weeks ago but is unhappy with her photos. I don't believe an official photographer was hired, so all the images were from friends. I imagine she'd want quite a bit of work done to them. Please PM me or email me: batcave13 at yahoo.com and I'll get back...
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    Welcome to the world baby Jude

    A little late on this, but baby Jude Christian was born two weeks ago on Sept 11, a week overdue. He was 9 lbs 1 oz at birth. Welcome little guy, I'm the one behind the camera. My wife crying just before she gave him up to become jewish Nipple...
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    Doors Open Toronto 2008

    http://www.toronto.ca/doorsopen/index.htm Did everyone forget about it this year? Did they not promote as much this year? Perhaps overhyped and underdelivered? I don't think I saw anything about it except for a reminder on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=12867017417...
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    Newbie dreamweaver question regarding mouse rollovers

    For those that missed it in the general forum, and can perhaps be answered here, although after a search it doesn't look like DW threads get answered easily. I created a navigational bar recently and used Dreamweaver's Insert Image Rollover command. It was my first time, so the bar is made up...
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    Help me build calculon, or help me build a PC

    I've been processing this for some time, Monique, and, well, will you marry me? I'm giving up on upgrading the 2001 Dell and looking to build a newer machine. I could only upgrade a handful of things before, so this time I'm looking to get something more robust and avoid buying the big...
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    Anyone know much about morning rush hour parking at Kipling station?

    Does anyone make that trip to Kipling station in the mornings, or have you in the past? If so, about what time would you need to arrive get find a parking spot in one of the lots? I've gotten two parking tickets in two days. I'm trying to plan out my morning route to the new job but am not...
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    Crying at work

    Yep, I've done it. Granted it was prolly 5-6 years ago. It was a cold morning in December, just before 9 am. I was passing by 102.1 and there was this man behind a table outside. He'd been there a while and was warmly dressed but as I came closer he happened to be near what appeared to be a...
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    How can I learn Web Design (the basics)?

    I'd like to learn a bit of web design to get myself up to speed with today's market, but have a few questions. For those of you that went to school for Web Design, did you major in it, or was it a side course? Or did any of you learn it on your own? Based on looking at programs in Adobe's...
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    Fav or Top Albums of 2007 (the year p2p died)

    Zoo, you had your chance. I'm disappointed that you didn't start this thread earlier, it is now late November. :p Um, I actually don't have my list ready yet but I thought making this thread would get people to start their lists soon. I know some already have their lists done, so on with...
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    Man, this place is a sausage party

    Too much testosterone. I have a feeling this forum will be dwarfed by the Girls forum, and if I said why I'd be called sexist. Two threads that should be in here from the Girls forum: Boobs and Lamest Pickup Lines.