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    TRIBE BBQ 13 - Rainstorm!

    I've been out of town and out of touch for a long time, this was a great way to spend my one weekend in the city :) It was so nice to catch up with some good friends, eat some good food (=bacon) and listen to some great tunes. Aaaand, I can't believe that Tim and I narrowly escaped being on the...
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    Round Table Knights @ The Social

    2 thumbs up from me :)
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    NYE in NYC

    Whoopsie! So Danny T is not on the bill for Pacha nye but you never know. Chus and Ceballos are! What other clubs should I investigate? Oh I am so behind in The Times.
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    NYE in NYC

    It has been an eternity since I have posted on tribe. But where else to go for sound advise on what is a chaotic and wonderous city on New Years Eve. Originally the plan was to see The Roots at Brooklyn Bowl. Sadly, we slept on tickets and now the show is sold out. Where else to go? (not...
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    Tortured Soul at the Great Hall

    Shpanks Big Cheese for your tix. So so Sorry you cannot come :( Now I, and young sis Kris, will be in attendance!
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    Post-Breakfast Glow I have long been a fan of the Kashi cereal brands (Go Lean Crunch specifically) so I was thrilled to see another kind hit the market. Toasted Berry Crunch: super crunchy, but not granola-fatty, berries, and maintains the crunch in milk. Doubly impressed by the 8gm of...
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    SATOSHI TOMIIE @ Footwork

    Yay! Lots of people I know going. We're in for sure :)
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    Shoppers Drug Mart

    PEOPLE! It's the big one this weekend! Point redemption craziness =) And if you redeem on cosmetics / other girly stuff, you get a bag full of free stuff. MORE FREE STUFF! I blew 75000 points. Oh yeah.
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    LF: Filling Cabinet

    Make that two. SlipperyPete, do you have one for me too?
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    Who's Working Out Today?

    Can't see why it can't work out for you erika (pun totally intended) I happen to workout at Goodlife, so that's what I post about!
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    Spek-e-ze @ calisto

    A blossoming cold made this night short and sweet for me, but I definitely agree on the vibe. We arrived just as the club started filling up and within minutes it was BUSY! Lovely people, nice location and of course, great tunes. Wish I could have stayed longer!
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    Niagara Wine Tour Reco's

    Daniel Lenko for SURE (nice call comosuave). He is intentionally not on the vine tour, because he sells out of all his wines pre-tour season due to quality and incredible attention to detail. The vines are some of niagara's oldest, in fact, before Daniel started making wine, they sold grapes...
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    The Official Tribe Drunk Thread

    Are you in an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic? Cause it sounds like my vacation last week ...
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    The Mom Thread

    FYI most public health services provide breastfeeding consultancy. Toronto Public Health's Breast Feeding Services/Resources are here: Toronto Public Health - Breastfeeding Point 2 on their site states: "Home visiting: Mothers experiencing difficulty with breastfeeding can receive home...
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    Spek-e-ze at Calisto this Friday!

    Great tunes, great venue on College, and a stone's throw away from my house. Who could resist?
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    Who's Working Out Today?

    Yeah, Bouches! Tomorrow Lib Village: back-to-back Pump and spin starting at 5:30pm.
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    Who's Working Out Today?

    Nice work Bouches. For a post-bday workout, you kicked my ass :)
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    Who's Working Out Today?

    Yeah yeah I joined! But this thread is not just for the next 2 weeks, it's for-EVER. Anyone up for Bouche's 10:30rpm class tomorrow at Liberty Village?
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    Who's Working Out Today?

    Saturday Lib Village 9:30am pump. Anyone else?
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    Who's Working Out Today?

    Ah yes. I've occasionally gone to the 9:30 class, the one with the crazy instructor whose name is escaping me ... Maybe next week I'll come to yours!