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    Random Question about Harvest Fest

    Last year, while reading some reviews after Harvest (which I went to and enjoyed) I noticed that everyone was posting pictures of some camping spot they went to after the party. There was a river, and much fun and swimming appeared to be had. Is there a provincial park around there that is nice...
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    Om message board

    why doesn't the om website or board work? Anyone wanna put me back in the loop. Thanks
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    Audio Lab's Playah's Birthday Celebration!!!

    Yeah! who else is going to see Derek " I'm- insane- and-it's-going - get - worse - as - get - older" Alchemy turn 24 years old and spin an amazing set??? Well I sure Am!!:D
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    Area 51?

    I heard about a psy trance party this saturday at a place called Area 51. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it generally a good time? Has anyone been there before/going this saturday? thanks
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    Psy Party info PLEASE!!!!

    Hey does anyone have any information about a psy party being thrown by the BLA and Phawn on the 28th of October? I'm pretty sure there is one, but I've found nothing about venue, lineup, etc. Some one gave me a preliminary flyer for this party while I was at Harvest.... I hope someone can...
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    Summer Jobs

    Like most university students, I need a full time job this summer. Can anyone give me a heads up on a good lead?I apply to tons of jobs that would pay slightly higher (office work, landscape stuff, camps) but I always end up making $8/hr every summer and barely getting by. I know about...
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    Psy Trance in Vancouver

    Hey guys, I have a friend who's wondering about psy parties in Vancouver... Does anyone have any info as to where I could find listings for parties? Perhaps a BLA - ish sort of collective in Vancouver has a website? If anyone knows, please post. thanks alot.
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    Happy Birthday D - Rock!

    Three Cheers to the greatest most prolific tribe member of all times!! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! and most probably the best dancer I've ever witnessed. Happy Birthday D! Lizzouse in da Hizzouse:D
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    track id help please!

    there's a house track that my roommate really likes and the lyrics are as follows "there's beats all over my body, there's beats all over my body...(rep)" sometimes it sounds like "there's bees all over my body" and it makes me laugh... regardless, it's a good track and we don't know the name...
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    Breaks this Friday @ System?

    I've been planning to go out with a friend for breaks, we we're going to hit system this Friday, but I think I saw a thread for techno in the backroom this week. Does anyone know if there will be breaks there this week at all? If not if anyone can give me a heads up for another breaks party...
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    Van from Sept. 1st to Sept. 7th

    Going to visit my sister next week, anything good going on, musically that I might be able to check out? thanks for all suggestions.
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    Three bedroom Apt.

    I'm looking for a three bedroom apt. for around $1500, no more than $1650. I was hoping for the Annex but anywhere in the surrounding areas of U of T would be great. If any one has any leads, it would be awesome. Thanks.
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    Frankie Bones with Delta 9?

    Is anyone else going to this party? It's in July, (exact date has slipped my mind) it's called Funkadelica and it's going to be awesome. I got a Delta 9 disc from a friend, and I'm fucking in love, he's the best. there's more headliners and a bunch of wicked locals. I'm so pumped.
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    can anyone tell me of a good booty party? I've not heard of one in forever that I can think of, and I would kill to go to a good one. It seems like they just don't happen. Unless i'm just not hearing about them. Thanks
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    Well..... I thought it was a really good night. Paladin was on the bill, but never showed, which sucks... but Hartec's set was really fun. I guess I'm not the best to review it, I don't have many critical faculties, I just love hard shit! And as always, Drag'n'fly was great... I love that track...
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    Cool People are....

    FUN!:D we love cool people.... they are so much fun to hang out with. But our cool people aren't fucking stuck on their scene and can be nice to other cool people just for the sake of being friendly and open minded regardeless of their musical or social tastes! Yeah not being a jerk!
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    50th Darkrave @ Big Bop

    whoa....so much fun, so packed, such good energy and vibe, every Dj delivered with specific mention of Unabomber( made my night with a little Rage against the Machine) , Dominik was super funky and hard....Patrick Dsp at the end of the night was a nice uplifter to get my ass out of the chair...
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    Nicky Blackmarket@ Sound Emporium

    Holy Shit, That was fucking crazy! I haven't danced that hard for that long without sitting down in months and months. I had a great time. THe beats were AMAZING and the energy in there was totally through the roof. My first jungle party was a wicked surprise, except, I had no idea JUST how...
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    Virus Dream!@ Turbo

    Well, we walked in there around 1:30, missing Drag'n'fly's set by about an hour (total bummer, it was the only real reason I was there) and were met with some VERY happy hardcore.....wasn't sure if it was going to be the greatest night, but it turned into a wicked time. The vibe was awesome and...
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    BLA @ Zen (Funhaus)

    First time at a BLA and it was an really nice vibe. Everyone was certainly into the music, and the decor was true to the name. I felt out of place unless my face was covered in blacklight reactive paint. Droidlock was really good, the crowd was obviously there to see HIM. I went up the to...