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    FS Mint Pioneer EFX-500

    $500 obo PM me if you're interested!
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    Need help with a computer Problem

    I have some Mac formatted discs that I need to access with a PC. Can anyone recommend a utility that will allow this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Physix Clean out your Box!!

    and I don't mean douche
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    Apartment for rent in Meadowvale May 1

    -one bedroom basement -Seperate entrance -kitchen -laundry -parking -cable -internet (negotiable) -Walkout to backyard $780/month This is for my roomy butch_koch@hotmail.com
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    MV Judging DMC Eliminations

    WOW!! Martin Villeneuve is actually judging the Ottawa DMC eliminations.
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    WTB: Fido Phone

    Must be newer than 500 series Nokia- No older than 1 year. I know that they are free with sign-up and/or very inexpensive so be realistic with you price!
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    Anyone taking Digital Graphic Arts or something like that....

    I need to contact some people who deal with digital video/graphic arts production. Preferably in school looking for thesis Ideas etc. I'm not to well verse d in the terminology so perhaps someone can give me a hand at describing what I'm looking for! NE1?
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    Used 1200s fo sale

    Brand new Tone arms on both, new wires and just tuned up. Cosmetically they have seen better days but they are in perfect working condition. Comes with Stanton 500AL cartridges and mats. I'll even droppem off (some restrictions apply :) ). Any questions PM me. $800
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    Driver Search Help!

    Alright the first typical Tribe response is always Google but I've tried just about every frikkin reputable search engine I know. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for a driver for a Panasonic UDJA720 CDRW/ DVD Rom
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    Another Thorn in the Side of Mackie

    Holy Fawk!! The exciting new B-CONTROL Series combines the unlimited versatility of today’s audio software with the feel of real controls. It lets you move real faders and turn real knobs to control all the virtual gear in Cubase®, Cakewalk®, Logic Audio® and other major audio software. It’s...
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    Cheeky Focker!!

    Anyone know who did that booty that's floating 'round right now? <<<<Curious
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    1 Pair Technics SL1200MK2 4 sale

    Here's the skinny: 2x Black 1200's (used of course) w/ carts & mats 2x Cases $800 PM Moi
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    Akai HIP HOP Machine 4 Sale!!!

    Mint condition, fully loaded MPC 2000XL w/ SCSI Zip Drive $1700 firm (trust me when I say mint!) Everything new is over $2500 All inquiries PM Moi!
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    A daisy of a Pickle

    2 part Question: Do you think (on some level) The KKK is a Terrorist organization? & Do you think the US doesn't even need to leave their own house to eliminate terror?
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    Build Me A Tribe Cabinet

    Seeing as how there are so many people posting in this forum I thought it would be a good Idea to see where everyone is coming from. Assuming you are the PM, who from Tribe would you have in your cabinet & why ,.....ready......Go!!
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    4 All the 1200's DJs

    Unless it's a fashion statement like rolling up one pant leg or something, putting the counter weight backward does absolutely nothing. Why people do this has puzzled me for many a day. Could someone please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.
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    Quitn' Time!!

    It's funny I realized how the post frequency drops at around 5PM. I didn't know that 9-5 still existed!!
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    It's a total rip-off of the Urei/ Rane but Crest does make some high quality stuff! http://namm.harmony-central.com/SNAMM03/Content/Crest_Audio/PR/CP-6210-CP-6220.html
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    My Poll is Bigger than yours!!!

    Do statiscs gathering agencies ever fight with each other? I would buy ring-side tickets for that!!
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    Nukem if U Gottem!!

    Check this out! Funny yet scary all at the same time http://members.cox.net/impunity/endofworld.swf