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    FS: iPad 1st Gen $450

    Selling my iPad. It's great but I use my laptop more and don't really need this. It's in pristine condition (no scratches or dings), still has 30 days of Apple Care left I think. Comes with USB in the box. I have a smart cover for it too that I'll throw in. If you're interested please PM me.
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    LF: GSM cell phone

    I'm going traveling and am looking to pick up a used GSM cell phone. If anyone happens to have something they're willing to part with for a reasonable price it would be appreciated. Must have a sim card... doesn't matter if it's locked (unlocked is preferable) but I can have it unlocked...
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    FS: 2 Rock of Ages tix

    I'm posting this for my coworker please do not contact me for the tickets. 2 Rock of Ages tickets at the Royal Alexandra Theatre Saturday July 17 @ 2pm Seats: RBAL H20&21 $150 for both tickets. Which is less than what was originally paid for. Please contact Aleks on her cell at...
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    $50 LCBO gift card

    I have a gift card valued at $50 and selling for $45. If you're interested please PM. Can meet anywhere in the downtown area. Thanks.
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    DEMF Ticket for Sale

    Originally bought as the early bird ticket for $40 + service fees = $46 Up for grabs if anyone wants it, my friend bailed and it's available.
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    Jet Nightclub?

    So a friend and i have been trying to remember the other name for jet nightclub. I can't remember, it's on the tip of my tongue.... I know someone out there knows for sure. I've already run a search and couldn't find the answer I hope this will be quicker! thanks in advance for the help.
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    Adam Beyer and Marco Carola

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this event for tonight....
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    Stuff for Sale

    I have 3 Uniden Integri Sound cordless phones. 5.8Ghrtz. They're great phones, all come with the wires and bases. I bought them for $80 and selling them for $65 o.b.o. I don't have the instructions but they were really easy to figure out. There are room monitor functions as well as phone to...
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    Derrick May @ FW

    So... Who's going? This is the day we're supposed to leave for the Keys but since it's DM we're thinking of hitting the party, catching some z's and then heading out on our adventure. Hmmmm would be a good party!
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    South Beach recommendations

    So my boyfriend and I are traveling down to Key West in the middle of April. We are stopping in Orlando to see friends and Titusville to go to Kennedy Space Center. On our way we'll be stopping in Miami for a night or two and wanted to know which clubs were worth checking out? I know there's...
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    Cut Copy at Circa

    Anyone going to check them out?
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    Does anyone know where to buy one of these? I'm looking for a djembes for a birthday present for someone. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Adham Shaikh @ Reviaval

    Anyone going? Saw him on Kajama last year and Cherry Beach and was thoroughly impressed with the world music!
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    Marc Houle @ Footwork

    Holy shit!! What an amazing night. This was for sure the birthday's of all birthdays and it was met with some seriously hard banging techno. I haven't heard beats that hard in this city in a while and it was an absolute pleasure to hear. My only complaints about the night were the beats at...
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    Another Insurance Question

    My friend is opening up her own personal concierge business and has been looking for insurance that will cover the following; errors and ommisions house sitting coverage general liability (inclusive not separate errors and omissions) paid monthly She's already been to Rhodes Williams...
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    Maui - clean your box!

    it's full and need to send you a message
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    Roxy Blu Reunion?

    Anyone going to this? Should be a good time!
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    FS: Stuff

    I just got a brand new over the counter cutting board as a holiday gift. But I already bought one prior to getting this. It's never been used. Still in the box. Cutting board $12 I also have a gift basket of assorted soaps, lotions and loufa. Still in celo gift wraping $10 If...
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    FS: Pioneer DJM 600-4

    Posting this for a friend. Used Pioneer DJM 600 4 channel mixer. There's a plastic knob missing but otherwise in perfect working condition. Asking for $450 o.b.o. Please contact <no spam> bluelotuslyen @ yahoo dot ca </no spam>
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    FS: Coat Stand

    Cool looking coat stand. Silver stem with brown wooden knobs and umbrella stand. Will post a pic when I get home. Bought for $99 selling for $60 obo. Will post a picture of the coat stand when I get home.