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    [GABBER] exT - Sexual Violence

    All Dutch Happy Hardcore and Classic Rotterdam Gabber http://www.djext.ca/mixes/exT_-_Sexual_Violence.mp3 01 exT - Sexual Violence Intro 02 DD Zion - Blue Sky Day - Twilight 03 Scott Brown and Paul Elstak - Cheese 'n Beats - Forze 04 Pentium 75 - Brian Distorsion (Mix 1) - Hardcore...
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    *NEW GABBER MIX* exT - Sexual Violence

    I made this promo mix to hand out at Human Blood 4, but since I smashed my ailing copy of Don't Speak at the show, I think I'll put this one on-line as sort of a 'never to be repeated' mix. All Dutch Happy Hardcore and Classic Rotterdam Gabber...
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    *New* Gabber CD - exT - Unnecessary Surgery

    First new mix cd in over a year. I've been losing my mind lately and have been fantasizing about surgical procedures, so I decided to call this one Unnecessary Surgery. It's got some new tunes, and some older tunes towards the end. Promoters who would like a CD can contact me at...
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    New Mix! exT - The History Of Hardcore!

    Check it out as a dig through the crates and blow the dust of the Earliest hardcore you've ever heard in your life. Even I don't believe I still have some of this stuff. http://electros.dhs.org/exT_-_Classic_Hardcore-56k.MP3
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    exT Live Video @ deelight 45 in ottawa *GABBER*

    Short 5 meg clip of me warming up the main room at deelight 45 in Ottawa. Massive stacks right beside my head. DAMN that was fun!!!!! GABBER ALERT! STRICTLY FOR THE MOTHERFUCKING HARDCORE! http://electros.dhs.org/exT-DEELIGHT45.mpg
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    free happy gabber set

    A lot of cheese, specially prepared for my quebec city friends.. check it out! live on ckcu radio in ottawa.. peep my stupid radio voice at the end.. hehe http://electros.dhs.org/exT_-_Live_On_CKCU_07-06-03-56k.MP3 Setlist: Kesj & Donut - Smack Up My Bitch DJ Isaac - Bad Dreams...
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    Free mix: exT - Destruction

    Here’s a mix I made last winter. Had been handing it out on cd’s at all my gigs since then, but now I’m working on a new CD so I’ll throw this one up on-line for a while. 192Kbps mp3 so it’s quite large, 86 megs. Perfect for throwing on a cd and listening to in the car though. All vinyl, all...
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    canada's first hardcore label?

    so i raided jorah kai's record collection again tonight, and picked up a tune for 5 bucks that appears to be from canada.. Gabber Guy - Pop Quiz Explosive Records, 1996, EXP01 Chatham, Ontario and i gotta say, it's pretty damn good.. slammin old style gabber. although it's in typical...
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    FS: oldschool tunes

    mostly oldschool bizness http://electros.dhs.org/tunesfs.html this is what happens when dj's go broke
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    da predator in montreal march 8th

    da predator, for iznogood's birthday.. montreal, march 8th 2003.. he's also playing quebec city on march 7th. check it out. http://www.djpredator.nl http://scifiquebec.tripod.com/ http://www.kanibalz.com
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    thoughts on promo - rude awakening

    what does everyone think of promo's new style? a.k.a. rude awakening.. i like it. but i accept that it's really different from his older stuff. more industrial sounding.. deffinitely an interesting direction for him. he's always been a pioneer though.
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    This Is The Hardcore Techno Room

    for more info on the hardest music on earth, check out http://www.hardcoretechno.ca peace, exT
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    New Gabber Mix! Free Download!

    Got seasonal effective disorder? This mix should cheer you up. Oldschool gabber and dutch happy hardcore. Enjoy! http://electros.dhs.org/exT_-_October_2002-56.mp3 and this time I'm not leaving out the modem crew.. So modem users just click on the link below and it should start playing in...
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    Free download: 60 Minutes of GABBER!

    Threw together a quick mix for everyone to download. http://electros.dhs.org/exT_-_Hard_Shit_-_Side_A-56k.MP3 http://electros.dhs.org/exT_-_Hard_Shit_-_Side_B-56k.MP3 Side A features a few of my favorite newstyle tunes. The B side is a bunch of classic gabber tracks. Both sides are...