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    Where to go...?

    Well that's just what I was afraid of... I thought Element only lost it's liqour licence for a couple of weeks ?? Ah shit...well maybe I'll check out Claude Young. How much at the door ?
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    Where to go...?

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this...(Tribe has WAY more rooms then it used to!)....but anyway, I'm looking for suggestions on places to listen to some good techno beats. Used to be a couple years ago (2-3 years) no matter how my plans worked out for a Saturday night I could always...
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    i would KILL for these sunglasses

    For $1000 those glasses should be able to: 1.look fashionable 2.block harmful UV rays 3.absorb solar energy and power a small neighbourhood.
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    80's choons

    Papas got a brand new pigbag -Pigbag Greatest one-hit-wonder of the 80's just begging to be remixed...probably by somebody uber-cheesy like Oakenfold.
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    Official Oscar Thread

    To me he sound's like a whiney shit disturber who loves the sound of his own voice.
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    The War has begun

    What, you think Iraqis would just throw up their arm's and be like: "Shit bro, go ahead....hang a left at the McDonalds and you'll find Saddam's palace.....say hello from me."
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    The War has begun

    Wow....U.S. convoy 42 kilometres long seen heading for Iraq...
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    The War has begun

    I hope that one cruise missile fell right into Saddams lap. Maybe the shortest war evar...
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    The War has begun

    It doesnt appear as if it an all out war has started.....something about a "target of opportunity" presenting itself....
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    Today i am proud to be a Canadian...

    Personally, I have always been, and always will be, proud to be Canadian, regardless of whether I agree with any particular government decision. I am, however, slightly annoyed at people like swilly who think only of themselves and are ready to sell this country down the river the very first...
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    AdamAnt's Sunday Simpson's Thread.

    Sundays episode was average. But last weeks episode with Krusty in Kongress was hilarious. Hoyven Mayven! :p
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    Declaration of War Tonight - Bush speech

    That's a pretty asinine comment.
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    -G.B. Little -Henry Hudson -Woburn C.I.
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    I agree wholeheartedly. I grew up around the corner from The Real McCoys and I have yet to find a place that can compare....and yes that includes Johnny's.
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    Should I buy it?

    Hide your money under your bed and save it for something more worthwhile.
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    Working on cruise ships...

    I've been on a cruise and spoken about this with the employees. If you like being stuck on a ship 10 months at a time (or whatever length of contract you sign) with hardly a break then go for it. They work twelve hour shifts and on their off-time they are not allowed to go mingle with...
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    More proof that god doesn't exist...

    If you are actually suggesting that a cash shortfall at a public event has anything at all to do with the existence of god you have'nt even begun to try and understand religion.
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    someone just called me a "fucking gook"

    Re: Re: Re: someone just called me a "fucking gook" You assume correctly.
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    someone just called me a "fucking gook"

    Lemme guess....you were talking to your friend in a different language right ? My theory is that people hate being stuck in spaces (such as an elevator) and not being able to understand what is being said by others around them. Insecurity I guess. That's probably why older folks (like my...
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    World's Greatest Drummers/ Percussionists

    Keith Moon was a great drummer but spent too much time destroying drum kits. John Bonham was the greatest power drummer of his day and probably influenced many people after him....and 45 minute drum solos are nothing to laugh at either. Especially when the average Rolling Stones concert only...